18 December 2013


Let's not talk about how I haven't blogged in for.eh.ver. It's bad enough that I feel two months behind without you pointing it out ok? Let's just pick back up right where we left off...;)
The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for The Hinton's! The last time I blogged, my busy season at work was just starting to pick up and Luke and I were trying to settle back in to life in Texas. As much as I would have loved to blog about all that's been going on these last 8 weeks or so, I just simply have not had the time. So, here is a brief recap...
-We're currently living in Hallettsville in a rent house my parents own while saving to buy a house.
-I just finished a two-week traveling spree in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas for work.
-Luke is working for my dad right now while we get through the tax season (Mom, Dad, Luke, and I all currently work for the same company. Something I NEVER thought I'd say/type, ha!).
-We took a trip back up to New Jersey in early November for a little work and a little play. It was so great to see our friends and to take in some real fall weather.
-Luke and I ate 5 Thanksgiving meals this year to make up for not being home for the holidays last year (at least, that is my excuse for eating that much green bean casserole).
-I just wrapped up my first semester of grad school, thought it would be a great idea to take a 4-week wintermester class, and then dropped the class 2 days in. What was I thinking?! Momentary lapse of judgment via lack of sleep.
-Luke and I froze our tails off in Waco at the Big 12 Championship game, but it was so worth it to be at the last football game at The Case. Can't wait for next season in the new stadium!
-Instead of Christmas presents this year, my family has decided to go on a family vacation this summer. I know it's a cruise (before baby bucket list anyone? yay!), but I'm not sure if we're headed to Jamaica or the Bahamas. Either way, I'm stoked!!
-The pups are good and are enjoying the Texas sunshine, but they are in desperate need of haircuts. As soon as we get this taken care of, I'll post some pics for you.
-The Hinton's 2014 Christmas Card = Fail. Who wants a Happy New Year card? *womp, womp*
-I've decided to start taking classes at the local health & fitness center and today's bootcamp class just might put this grandma into the nursing home. Can't.move.
So as you can see, we're still here. Just a little sleep deprived. :) Here's to hoping I get to start blogging more regularly again. I've definitely missed it!