03 March 2015

Baby H: Weeks 25-28

Week 25

This week was Thanksgiving! We had a weird Thanksgiving holiday this year because my parents decided to pack up just the two of them and drive up to New Mexico to tour a ranch they were looking at buying. Because of this, my sisters and I all spent Thanksgiving day apart - either with our significant others and their families or with friends. On Saturday, we did all get together for a second round of Thanksgiving at my aunt's house in Katy.

{Thanksgiving, round 1 - @ Luke's grandpa's house in Portland, TX}

{Snapped a couple of Christmas card pics in front of our house before heading to Katy for Thanksgiving, round 2}

{And one with our first two babies!}

Unfortunately, I got food poisoning after Thanksgiving, round 2, but it only lasted one day. It was rough, but I could handle one day. I was thankful it wasn't any worse! I do also remember that week 25 brought with it my first experience with uncomfortable pregnant sleep. I started tossing and turning more and waking up to use the bathroom became more frequent. And I realized that the tightening I'd been feeling in my stomach for the last few weeks was actually Braxton Hick contractions, ha! I blame it on being a first timer. :)

Week 26

I had an uneventful dr. appointment during week 26. I was in and out quickly - everything looked great! Barrett decided during this week that he was going to become a fan of kicking and rolling around pretty much 24/7. At work, my stomach would start going crazy in the middle of meetings. In the evening, he would roll/punch/kick like a little ninja, especially when I laid on my side. I also experienced my first swollen ankles this week. Lucky, I learned that I could get rid of these fairly easily by adding a little more activity/walking to my day and putting my feet up in the evenings. 

That weekend, I drove up to Waco for the last football game of the season, which also happened to be the Big 12 Championship game. It was an especially sweet weekend with my girlfriends/college roomies because I knew it'd be my last weekend in Waco with them before I became a mom. 

Week 27

Luke got home from being gone for about a week or so for work - and it was perfect timing! We got to go pick up Barrett's baby furniture and Luke put it together in his room. I originally had a tough time deciding what furniture to buy, but I'm so glad we went with the set we did. It includes a crib, dresser, and bookshelf and it's a beautiful chocolate brown color. We also bought a crib mattress even tough we were registered for one because dad just couldn't help himself. Once he'd put the crib together, he had to have a mattress for his boy! #toocute

{Bentley is always supervising!}

We also went to the Houston Zoo to experience their Zoo Lights Christmas event with our friends, Sarah and Andrew, and their little girl, Peyton. 

{It's always so fun hanging out with this little one!}

Barrett and I also decided that week 27 meant we were in the third trimester (Ok, maybe just I decided, ha!). I know that different websites say different weeks count as the beginning of the third trimester, but think about it - 40/3 = 13.2x2 = 26.6. Yup, 27 weeks sounds like the third trimester to me! In honor of our last trimester, I took a bump selfie. 

Week 28

I had another doctor appointment this week and again, nothing new to report! Measuring exactly on time, blood pressure was good, and baby's heartbeat was strong as always. This week, Luke and I got a taste of parenthood when we babysat Peyton. Sarah and Andrew had just bought a new house and needed a kid-free day to get some moving and house prep done. So Luke and I took Peyton for the day and it was so fun!
{These two were fans of each other}
I was given diaper duty, while Luke handled all the feedings. We took Peyton to Target (and bought her stuff like good babysitters do, ha!) and when people told us how cute our kid was, we just said, "Thanks!" It was fun pretending to be parents and I'm not going to lie, I think we were both sad when we had to give her back. I can't wait for Peyton and Barrett to be buds. :)
Week 28 was also spent finishing our Christmas shopping and I remember specifically that about this time, Barrett's movements were getting crazy! I could feel him moving all the time. He was kicking me much harder, he was rolling around a lot at night, and when he stretched out head to toe, I could feel him down in my pelvic area as well as up in my ribs. It was about this time I knew we were having ourselves a big boy!

16 February 2015

The greatest thing ever

Baahh!! I've fallen so behind again! Baby H: Weeks 25-28, Weeks, 29-32, and Weeks 33-36 coming soon, especially since Baby H himself could be arriving any day now and I may not get another chance to write these. Lord have mercy! But of course, instead of playing catch up, I've decided to write a blog post about something that has surprised me these last few weeks of pregnancy. :)

At about 32-33 weeks, the people who see me on a regular basis (husband, church friends, co-workers, etc.) started to notice a change in my bump a.k.a. "Whoa that thing came out of no where! It's like overnight you just popped!" Yes, people, there is quite a large baby boy in there *written with a sarcastic tone and rolled eyes.* And around the same time, poor baby started getting knocked around a little more. I felt like I was running into everything! Baby has gotten hit by the car door as I've climbed out of my car in tight parking spaces, I've run into open filing cabinets at work, and the list goes on. I swear, he's going to come out with a dent in his head! But this isn't the surprising part of pregnancy I'm talking about.


This morning (mind you, I'm almost 37 weeks), I stopped to get to get gas and a cup of coffee on my way to work. As I was pouring my coffee, a gentleman walked up next to me to reach for a stir stick on the counter and in trying to make room for him, I accidently ran my baby bump into the counter. I quickly apologized. "I'm sorry sir. There's a lot going on right here," I said with a smile and a rub of the belly. He looked sweetly at me and said, "Oh no worries! It's the greatest thing ever." 

The greatest thing ever. I've heard many versions of this phrase over and over again the last few weeks. I expected to hear it from women, but surprisingly, it's the men who keep saying this to me. And they don't just spat it off nonchalantly. It's always said in such an endearing way that almost makes me tear up. It's like all these dads see my big ol' belly and take a couple of seconds to reminisce on the joy of fatherhood and the blessing it truly is.

My boss does this to me all the time. We'll be talking or joking about something related to parenthood and he'll get into this serious mood for just a couple of seconds and say, "It's the best job I've ever had." And on Friday night, Luke and I went to dinner at Lupe Tortilla and ended up having about a 30 minute conversation with a guy named Jonathan who has two little girls, 3 and 7. He kept telling Luke, "It changes you man. I'm not the same guy I was before my girls. It's the best thing that could ever happen to you. I'm so excited for you guys!" Seriously? I don't know why this shocks me so much, but I can't even count the number of dads that have gushed over having children to us.

I guess I just wanted to remember this aspect of pregnancy. Their sweet dad faces that look off just slightly into the distance and reflect fondly over the life-changing experience Luke and I are about to go through, their sweet words and the grace they give this momma-to-be for the way her bump runs into just about everything these days, and the last few days before Luke becomes a dad that I pray will think back fondly over this adventure called fatherhood. Thanks to all you sweet dads out there. You warm this momma's heart.

07 January 2015

Dear Barrett

Dear Barrett,

I've been sporadically writing pregnancy updates for this blog so that I can help myself retain the many memories from my first pregnancy and our time together with you in my tummy. But I wanted to write a letter specifically to you to tell you what I've loved most about carrying you with me for the first few months of your existence and what I'll miss about this crazy experience.

I love the way you squirm around at night. As you've grown bigger, I've felt you more and more throughout the day. But there is something about the evening and right before bed that gets you so excited about punching, kicking, hiccupping, and rolling around. I hope this doesn't mean you'll want to stay up all night, every night after you're born. :) When I lay on my side, I can feel your whole body twist and turn and it makes me believe that I'm already learning about your personality. Maybe you'll be a cross country runner like your daddy or maybe you'll always be on the move like your momma. Feeling your little body inside my stomach like this makes my heart leap and it's my prayer that someday you'll dedicate every move you make to seeking and doing God's will.

I love how now when I'm alone, I'm never really alone. You dad works out of town sometimes and he can be gone for many days at a time. It gets a little lonely without him, but with you, I'm not alone. We can sing songs in the car (and you kick along!) and I can tell you all about my day. That may sound silly, but I love that you can hear my voice and that it's becoming recognizable to you. This aspect of our relationship also draws me closer to God because it reminds me that no matter where I am, I'm never alone because God is always with me too.

Thanks for already being such a loving little boy. When I get angry or I cry, you start to squirm. I'm sure this is mostly because my heart rate goes up and you can feel it, but feeling you move when I'm upset calms me down and reminds me of how blessed I am to have you. Because of you, I let go of frustrations a little quicker and remind myself that I want to be the best example of how to handle oneself in tough situations for you.

You've been good for my pocket book! :) I used to be the kind of person who bought what I wanted when I wanted because, why not? I've always been good at budgeting and being aware of money, but with you, I've become a bargain shopper. I'm always keeping an eye out for diaper coupons and saying no to things I don't truly need. You've already taken precedence over my wants and this makes me happy. What a gift it's going to be to love someone so much that I sacrifice what I want for what you want. I've experienced this with your dad to a certain extent, but it's different with you. I already want to give you the world.

I already worry like crazy about you. What if I wake up and I've been sleeping on my back too long? What if the little bit of caffeine I'm allowed is hurting you? What if I ate too much sugar today? What if I forget to take my pre-natal vitamins one day? What if this or that happens during delivery? I know this worrying will never stop. Someday, I'll be worrying that a kid at school said something mean to you and hurt your feelings or you'll drive off in a car for the first time and I'll worry about crazy drivers on the road. As a momma, this worrying will never end. But you're teaching me to put even more faith in our God who will always be able to take better care of you than I can. Knowing He's holding you in His hands gives me peace, but boy don't you ever doubt - you're always on your momma's mind.

I'm already praying for your future spouse. I'm praying for a little girl I may or may not know. She might not be born yet, or maybe she isn't even a thought in her mom and dad's minds. Maybe she's 3 or 4 and running around enjoying her toddler years. But either way, I pray for her heart and her mind. I pray that she would be a women who seeks after God and loves Him first and foremost. I pray for her parents, that they would be Godly examples to her, both in life and in marriage. When I hear the song, "God Made Girls," by ReaLynn, I tear up a little. God is creating or will create a girl who will someday become your wife. And for her you will open doors, get dressed up, learn to dance, and show a vulnerable side that you don't share with others. She'll make you want to be a better man and add value to your life in a way that only she can. And I already love her so much for this. I can't wait to meet her and tell her that I've been praying for her her whole life.

I love how you've already turned your dad into the best dad ever. He was so scared when he first found out we'd made you. I've always known he'd make a great dad, but he didn't. He's still worried he won't know what to do or be good enough. But I have no doubt he will be the best dad to you. Your pack-n-play and duo swing/bouncer have already been put together because your dad just can't help himself. He keeps saying how ready he is to hold you and watch Scooby Doo together (his childhood favorite). He wants to teach you to shoot your first gun and how to be super clean/organized like him (and mom appreciate this!). And he even fell asleep in your nursery the other day while laying on one of your blankets. He may not think so, but your momma knows he's ready.

And I'm already sad that there will come a point in time (and sooner than later) that you won't be in my tummy anymore. Right now, I breath for you and my immune system fights for you. In a few short weeks, you will make your appearance and you will immediately become 10x more self sufficient than you are now. And yes, you will still need me for so much, but every day as you grow you'll need me less and less. I'm going to miss feeling you squirm around inside my belly and someday when you're at your first swim meet (because dad and I are convinced you'll be a swimmer like him with those big feet we saw at your 3D sonogram!), I'm going to tear up watching you flip turn in the pool as I remember what it was like when you first started practicing those flip turns in my stomach.

Barrett, you have already changed my life in so many ways and I haven't even held you in my arms yet. We have a loooong way to go, you and me. We both have so much to teach each other. But do me a favor, ok? Remember that this is my first time to be a momma and I'll remember it's your first time to be a baby. We'll get through this together, I know it. We've already been through so much and if you ask me, we're rockin' it out. :)

9 more weeks (or less) to go, little Bear. I can't wait to meet you.