11 December 2007

My Loss of Wisdom

This is the story of how I lost my wisdom.

As of last summer, my wisdom teeth had not yet begun to develop. However, this semester they decided to drive their way through my jaw bone and up into my mouth, where the oral surgeon said there was no room. This happened in a matter of about three months. This morning they were taken out. Talk about a crazy experience.

For one, I was very nervous because, as of then, I had never been under anesthesia before. While driving to Victoria where my oral surgeon was, my mother wanted me to call my dad. I asked why and she told me, "I want you to talk to him before you go under just incase you don't come back." I think she meant for it to be funny. I bursted out in tears. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. I forgave her though.

Anyway, she and my nana took me this morning to the dental office where the procedure was going to take place. My appointment was set for 9:30 a.m. Sometimes when I'm legitimately anxious, I become really quite. I was just sitting in the waiting room and this cute old man, who could barely hear, began talking to me. We talked about the tooth he was having pulled and my wisdom teeth that were about to come out and for some reason, I started to feel a little better. If this guy could have such a relaxed attitude about having his tooth pulled, I figured that I should too. He was funny. He didn't like how uncomfortable the chairs in the waiting room were.

When the nurse called me to go back to the room where the surgery was going to take place, I was feeling alright. I was a little sad because I couldn't get ahold of Luke and I had really wanted to talk to him before the surgery. My nurse's name was Juanita and she was really sweet. The first time she tried to give me an IV (sp?), my blood would not flow. She moved over to my left arm and it worked. Thank God, because I was not going to let her poke me a third time. That's when I started to get a little nervous. I watched her put medicine into the IV and she told me it would start to make me feel very relaxed. My mom was in the room and I think I sort of called out to her, scared about the way I was beginning to feel. The doctor came into the room, my mom left, and the nurse asked me about Luke. That calmed me down and I began to talk about how long we'd been together. And then I was out; I do not remember a thing after that. However, I think I may have come in and out of the anesthesia a little bit because I can remember hearing people talking. Weird, huh?

The next thing I remember, I was getting into the car and telling my nurse how great she had been. I'm pretty sure I sounded like an idiot. I slept all the way home and when we got home that's when the pain hit. However, I took one pain pill and four advil and I'm fine! No, for real, I feel great! I'm even about to go to my sister's basketball game. My mom told me that I can't let my gause hang out of my mouth though. Dang it. Ha!

Overall, it was a way better experience then I had envisioned. I'm glad they took out all four at once though, because I would rather not go through that again.

And that's how I lost my wisdom.

06 December 2007

Winter Zephyr Staff Retreat

Alright, so I am pretty sure that I have shared my excitement with everyone I know. If I call Sarah Kubala or Kristie Martinez one more time and tell them how excited I am about the Winter Zephyr Staff Retreat, they probably will hang up on me. But seriously, the WINTER ZEPHYR STAFF RETREAT IS IN ELEVEN DAYS!! Do you realize how exciting this is? I'm not quite sure you do.

For those of you that have no clue what "Zephyr" is, let me catch you up. Zephyr Baptist Encampmentment is, well, a Baptist encampment. We have thousands of children, teenagers and adults visit the camp grounds during the summertime. There is an "off-season," but I'm not cool enough to work that just yet. Anyway, I've been on staff at Zephyr for two years now as a head lifeguard and program director for preteen camps. We have the the coolest, not to mention the best looking, staff ever and God continues to grow and change us every year. The term "zephyr" also means "a cool breeze" for anyone curious.

See, I LOVE my Zephyr family. It really is like having a second family. (And my biological family is big enough already!) These people will have special reserved seating directly behind the biological family in my wedding. No kidding.

But seriously, this retreat is going to be amazing. God is blessing this event already. I know, we've talked about it. I cannot wait to catch up, praise the Lord, re-fuel and just hang out with these people. The Zephyr Executive Staff have been working on finding a speaker and music leader for the retreat. I've heard that crazy games will be involved, a Zephyr must. As ridiculous as this sounds, I'm even ready for a little camp food. I NEED Mrs. Kay to bake me some cookies. I have been missing and praying for these friends that are so dear to my heart for quite some time now and I cannot wait to hear about what God has been doing in their lives and out at Zephyr over the past five months.

For those of you who know a Zephyr Staffer or have any relation to the camp at all, please be praying that God's will will continue to be sought after at Zephyr, that His praises will continue to be lifted up out at Zephyr and that those who attend the retreat over Christmas break will be blessed.

Get ready because I'm sure there will be a follow up to this post, but for now I must study for finals so that I can get to the retreat!


03 December 2007

Sweet Selfishness

Luke 6:31 says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." As a child, these words were driven into my stubborn head. The fighting between my three little sisters and I never ceased. As little girls, the squabbling sounded like, "Stop looking at me! Mom, she won't stop looking at me!" The older we got, the more it sounded like, "I can't believe you wore my brand new sweater to school without asking me!!" No matter the tiff, my mother would continue to reiterate, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

This morning it was my turn to say these words. I'm not going to go into great detail, because as I look back on my earlier situation, I think that you all would find me a silly little girl to know the reason my feelings had been hurt. But none the less, as I left my house this morning, I had been offended by my roommate. In tears, I called multiple people to spill my guts to until finally my boyfriend Luke answered his cell phone.

As I poured my heart out to Luke, telling him about how my roommate had been so inconsiderate and rude, he listened patiently. In a very neutral way, Luke asked me if I had tried to compromise with her or ask her how she felt about the situation. "No," I thought to myself. I became very angry with Luke, feeling as if he was trying to take her side. "She is so rude and inconsiderate of my feelings! This has happened multiple times! The Bible says that we are supposed to do unto others as we would have them do unto us!" This frustrated him and after about ten minutes of arguing with each other, Luke said, "Look. I'm not picking her side. I understand what you are saying and I would have been offended too. All I'm saying is, were you treating her the way you would want to be treated? Look at it from her position. Should she live her life in accomodation to yours?"

With the same stubborn head that got me into trouble as a child so many times, I began to think about what my level-headed boyfriend had just pointed out to me. Here I was, trying to be all "Christian" and accusing my roommate of being insensitive to my feelings, when I realized that I was being a hypocrite. I should have been the bigger person, considered her feelings in the situation and treated her the way I would have wanted to be treated. I was thinking of myself as selfless, when I was the one being selfish. I absolutely hate being wrong and being wrong was staring me in the face.

If you read a little farther into Luke 6, verse 38 says, "Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full--pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back."

Sweet Selfishness.

02 December 2007

The First of Many

Hello everyone. My name is Sara Martisek and this is my first blog. That is, as long as you don't count the Myspace blogs I used to post in high school. I'm a sophomore at Baylor University and currently a Public Relations major with a minor in Recreation Ministry. I know, its a mouth full. I'm thinking about law school or maybe seminary. Right now I'm just praying about it and seeking after God's will. So, bare with me as I attempt to feed you all words worth reading and understand that I'm going to be as real with you guys as possible. WARNING: I'm a talker. And the more excited I get, the quicker I talk [or type]. Happy reading and please let me know what you think! Blessings.