06 December 2007

Winter Zephyr Staff Retreat

Alright, so I am pretty sure that I have shared my excitement with everyone I know. If I call Sarah Kubala or Kristie Martinez one more time and tell them how excited I am about the Winter Zephyr Staff Retreat, they probably will hang up on me. But seriously, the WINTER ZEPHYR STAFF RETREAT IS IN ELEVEN DAYS!! Do you realize how exciting this is? I'm not quite sure you do.

For those of you that have no clue what "Zephyr" is, let me catch you up. Zephyr Baptist Encampmentment is, well, a Baptist encampment. We have thousands of children, teenagers and adults visit the camp grounds during the summertime. There is an "off-season," but I'm not cool enough to work that just yet. Anyway, I've been on staff at Zephyr for two years now as a head lifeguard and program director for preteen camps. We have the the coolest, not to mention the best looking, staff ever and God continues to grow and change us every year. The term "zephyr" also means "a cool breeze" for anyone curious.

See, I LOVE my Zephyr family. It really is like having a second family. (And my biological family is big enough already!) These people will have special reserved seating directly behind the biological family in my wedding. No kidding.

But seriously, this retreat is going to be amazing. God is blessing this event already. I know, we've talked about it. I cannot wait to catch up, praise the Lord, re-fuel and just hang out with these people. The Zephyr Executive Staff have been working on finding a speaker and music leader for the retreat. I've heard that crazy games will be involved, a Zephyr must. As ridiculous as this sounds, I'm even ready for a little camp food. I NEED Mrs. Kay to bake me some cookies. I have been missing and praying for these friends that are so dear to my heart for quite some time now and I cannot wait to hear about what God has been doing in their lives and out at Zephyr over the past five months.

For those of you who know a Zephyr Staffer or have any relation to the camp at all, please be praying that God's will will continue to be sought after at Zephyr, that His praises will continue to be lifted up out at Zephyr and that those who attend the retreat over Christmas break will be blessed.

Get ready because I'm sure there will be a follow up to this post, but for now I must study for finals so that I can get to the retreat!


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