22 September 2009

In My Own Little Corner

Have you ever seen the original Cinderella movie? You know, the one with Ginger Rogers, Lesley Ann Warren, and Stuart Damon. If you have not seen this version, shame on you. Please find a way to see it as soon as possible. It is a classic.

In this movie, Cinderella sings a song titled "In My Own Little Corner," after she is bossed around for the millionth time by her step-mother. This song is freeing for poor Cinderella who is controlled by a wicked woman and despised by her ugly step-sisters. Her day dreams come to life as she sings from a little corner in the house, next to the fire place, designated for her.

I too have my own little corner. And when I sit in this corner, which could also be described as a nook, I, like Cinderella, sing and day dream. I play out scenes in my mind where I am walking down the streets of New York with the "You've Got Mail" soundtrack playing in the world around me. I dream about traveling back to Europe with friends or with Luke to explore and see more of God's beautiful world. I imagine what it will be like to be a law student and the different types of law I could practice. In my corner, "I can be whatever I want to be."

Sometimes these day dreams excite me and I can't concentrate on anything else but figuring out a way to make my dreams come true. Other times, my dreams strike a fear in my heart. What if I don't make it or I don't get the opportunity to live out the dreams I want so badly to become my reality? It is at this time, like Cinderella, "I'm glad to be back in my own little corner, all alone in my own little chair."

Here is a picture of my corner, where I study, apply for law school, look up internships in New York, read wedding blogs (yes, I admit it, I day dream about this too!), look for cheap plane tickets to Europe, and sing. I'm going to miss this cozy, little nook after I've moved to New York and left Baylor. But for now I'm going to drink my coffee, enjoy the slight drizzle outside, hum the tune to Cinderella's precious song, attempt to study for my religion test, and day dream in "my own little corner."

"In My Own Little Corner"

I'm as mild and as meek as a mouse
When I hear a command I obey.
But I know of a spot in my house
where no one can stand in my way.
In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me.
I'm a young Norwegian princess or a milkmaid
I'm the greatest prima donna in Milan
I'm an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan
I'm a girl men go mad for love's a game I can play with
cool and confident kind of air.
Just as long as I stay in my own little corner
All alone in my own little chair.
I can be whatever I want to be.
I'm a slave from Calcutta I'm a queen in Peru.
I'm a mermaid dancing upon the sea
I'm a huntress on an African safari.. it's a dangerous type of sport and yet it's fun
In the night I sally forth to seek my quarry
And I find I forgot to bring my gun.
I am lost in the jungle all alone and unarmed when I meet a lioness in her lair
Then I'm glad to be back in my own little corner,
All alone in my own little chair.

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