27 September 2010

Fall. :)

Fall is HERE!!! Well, the first little taste of it, anyway.

South Texas is notorious for confusing its people with weather. As I walked out the front door this morning to take Brooklyn "potty," I felt that first cool, crisp fall breeze hit my face and just about screamed with joy! It was 65 degrees and absolutely perfect. However, I'm not one to pull out the wool coats just yet. Although it is almost October, I'm not yet convinced that the heat is 100% over. I bet we get back into the 90s for a couple more weeks before "fall" actually arrives. But no worries, I'm not a Debbie Downer. I'm just being realistic. :)

I guess something inside of me knew that today's cold front was going to hit because two days ago I bought my first sweater of the season. Thank you Old Navy for your $20 sweater sale!

{It's so cozy!}

This morning, Aubrey and I took a drive down the bay front with Brooklyn to enjoy this beautiful weather. We stopped by the Ortiz Center (where Aub works) and then went to Hester's the get some breakfast. Our friend Felicia works right next to Hester's, so we got to visit her too! Brooklyn enjoyed her outing in the cool weather. 

{Outside of Hester's}

So, the rest of my day will be spent at the La De Da Office, but before I head down there I will be picking up a pumpkin spice latte, of course. I love celebrating fall in any way I can! But have I ever told you that I'm not a fan of fall colors? Isn't that sad? I don't know, I've just never loved brown, red, and orange. Funny, since I just purchased a brown sweater, ha! But for all of you fall colors lovers, here is a picture of leaves that change colors, something we rarely see down in good ol' South Texas. 

{Fall, please stay. Please?}

Happy First Day of Cooler Weather!

22 September 2010

What If

There is an apartment for rent in New York. Queens, to be more specific. $750 per month, fully furnished. Yup, it's there.

What if I rented it? What if? I probably wouldn't tell you when I was leaving; I'd just go. I think all of my money would be gone with the one-way, last minute plane ticket, but I don't care. I just want to go...

*Snaps back to reality*

I'm so incredibly tired of this monotonous routine I'm in. 


{It's my blog and I can cry if I want to}

20 September 2010

Delta (and other kinds of) Love

To mock a very similar blog post written by my friend, Sarah Leyda, I must tell you about the overwhelming amount of joy I was surrounded by this weekend. I made the 4 hour trip from Corpus Christi to Houston this weekend for my friend Molly's wedding. Not only was this a special day for Molly and Nathan, but it was also a special time for our group of college friends/sorority sisters because this was the first time we were all together since graduation. I have missed these girls more than they could ever know!


We met up at Catherine's house (after she and Sarah stalked me down at Bed Bath & Beyond) to eat an amazing BBQ lunch Cat's dad bought us. Then we proceeded to get ready for Molly's wedding. We decided this weekend that when a sorority sister gets married, dressing up for the wedding is the equivalent of an alumni "function" because we all get ready and go together, like we did back in college. It was so fun to hear 4 blow dryers going at the same time. :)

{Leaving for the wedding!}

Molly was a gorgeous bride and their ceremony was so sweet. We danced the night away at the reception and had way too much fun in the photo booth! Of course, we circled around Molly to sing "Delta Love" and she and Nathan looked head over heels in love as they drove off from the reception. I felt so surrounded by love and joy this weekend. I was reminded of how much my own family, fiance, and friends mean to me. I'm grateful and so incredibly blessed. 

{Delta Love at its finest}

16 September 2010

Girls and Wedding Weekends

Well, not too much has been going on in the ol' life. Isn't that sad? I've wanted something really awesome to blog about, but unfortunately I don't have much. So you just get a little update. :)

My dogeared jewelry that I blogged about a couple of post ago came in. I really love the necklace and wear it all the time, but I think I'm going to send the earrings back. I'm not the biggest fan. Sad, right? They were a lot cuter in the picture. This is a nice thing about having a fiance that let's you pick out what he buys: he's totally not offended if I want to send it back for something else, ha! In other mail news, I should be receiving a new-to-me iPhone 3Gs in the mail tomorrow or Monday. It was my mother's and she just recently upgraded to a 4G. How is it that my mother has the new 4G before me you ask? Well, she reads my blog all too often, so I can't be 100% honest with you about how I feel about this situation. Let's just say that it wasn't so fun to find out that your baby sister used your upgrade last spring when you were living in New York and couldn't defend your upgrade. I promise, I'm not bitter. :/ (Love you mom!)

{I would really love to own you someday 4G}

Oh wait! Here is something exciting! I went on a mini vacay with a couple of my girlfriends last weekend!! How did I forget about this? We stayed on the riverwalk for 3 nights, shopped til we dropped, and ate a lot of really good food! We even got to meet up with a couple of other friends that live in SA. This was a much needed break for all of us and I'm so glad we followed through with it. Right before we left SA, I got a special treat. Aubrey and I stopped at Americus Diamonds (where Luke bought my engagement ring!) to pick up some more jewelry cleaner because they give it to you for free. But the best part about stopping was that I got to try on the wedding band that goes with my engagement ring. My GOODNESS, it's BEAUTIFUL! I took a picture to show Luke and he still loves it. I'm a sucker for diamonds and that guy. :) I think we're about ready to plan our next girl weekend. New York sounds pretty good...

{Before our night out on the San Antonio Riverwalk!}

This weekend, I will be reuniting with some of my favorites for our sweet friend Molly's wedding. Molly and Nathan will be getting married in Houston and since my college roomie, Cat, lives in Houston, a bunch of my college best friends will be crashing at Cat's for the weekend. I can't wait to see everyone! I'm sure there will be many fabulous pictures from the weekend. Plus, Molly's going to be a beautiful bride and I'm super excited for her and Nathan. I love wedding weekends!

 {I can't wait to see these girls this weekend! Kris, Cat, Me, and Molly at my Waco bridal shower}

Well, I guess this just about covers it. Luke is working and in school a lot, but I love being in the same city with him. Wednesday is our official weekly "date night" and I'm super excited about this! Brooklyn is cuter than ever and getting way too big, in my opinion. She's the best little companion, helping me with laundry and cleaning the apartment. Well, laying around while I do laundry and clean the apartment, but you get the picture. I'm currently looking for a new full time job, so hopefully there will be some good news in that department sooner than later. But for now I'm just enjoying the "fall" in South Texas (no such thing) and rolling with the punches. God is good all the time!

15 September 2010

Love Note

This is Luke's equivalent of a love note. You see, he loves pizza. The more random toppings he can put on an XL pizza, the better. Luke also loves anything to do with guns/paintball/shooting things. In another life (although I don't actually believe in other lives), he was a sniper. So you must realize that being loved more than pizza and snipers is a big deal. Yes, there is a little sarcasm in my voice, but in the end, I know this guy loves me. I'm his bird and if you ask him what kind of bird, he will tell you: a turkey bird. It's got to be true love. :)

08 September 2010


I need to listen to this song over and over again today. In the end, it's not about what job I had or how high up the ladder I climbed. It's not about the house I lived in or the clothes I wore. This is not our final destination, only a stop along the way. This earth is not my home and earthly accolade, although it is flattering, means nothing compared to the love of God. He is my only true audience and I want my legacy to reflect that. I want my life to point to HIM, no matter what job I am doing. I am thankful for every day and every blessing He bestows. What kind of legacy are you leaving?

03 September 2010

Dogeared and TOMS

I wanted to wait and blog about these after they arrived in the mail next week, but I just can't wait! I'm really excited because Luke just bought me a necklace and matching earrings from Dogeared!!! I love this cute little website and its jewelry. I've browsed through the many dainty pieces over and over again, but I've never purchased anything. Yesterday I mentioned to Luke that there was this necklace I had been eying and he said, "Let's order it!" Once he saw the necklace, he said, "Umm, you have to get the matching earrings." So naturally what's a girl to do? I said ALRIGHT! :)

Hopefully these will be arriving at my apartment towards the end of next week!

Luke also made an exciting small purchase for himself. He ordered his first pair of TOMS! Like me and the Dogeared website, Luke has browsed the TOMS website many a time. Today the bank reimbursed him for some charges that weren't supposed to be made to his account and he used this money for some back-to-school shoes. :)
Luke has always been one to give to others in any way he can, whether this is giving to the church, buying a meal for someone that cannot afford to eat, or just going out of his way to open a door. Luke was only reaffirmed in his new shoe purchase by the fact that a child will also receive a new pair of shoes because he did. Being a TOMS wearer, I know that once Luke experiences how comfortable these shoes are, quite a few more children will be given shoes!

Pearls and TOMS. Doesn't get any better than this!

02 September 2010


I've always been a little bit behind when it comes to iPhone apps. Friends will ask me if I have such-and-such app and I never do. I browse through the free app categories occasionally, but rarely ever purchase an app that actually costs money. Most of you have probably already heard of or have seen the iPhone app that took this picture of Brooklyn last night. It's called Hipstamatic and I LOVE it! It takes pictures with a vintage feel and you can upload them to the internet in seconds. If you're looking for a new app and don't mind paying $1.99 (I think that's what I paid), I definitely recommend Hipstamatic!