03 September 2010

Dogeared and TOMS

I wanted to wait and blog about these after they arrived in the mail next week, but I just can't wait! I'm really excited because Luke just bought me a necklace and matching earrings from Dogeared!!! I love this cute little website and its jewelry. I've browsed through the many dainty pieces over and over again, but I've never purchased anything. Yesterday I mentioned to Luke that there was this necklace I had been eying and he said, "Let's order it!" Once he saw the necklace, he said, "Umm, you have to get the matching earrings." So naturally what's a girl to do? I said ALRIGHT! :)

Hopefully these will be arriving at my apartment towards the end of next week!

Luke also made an exciting small purchase for himself. He ordered his first pair of TOMS! Like me and the Dogeared website, Luke has browsed the TOMS website many a time. Today the bank reimbursed him for some charges that weren't supposed to be made to his account and he used this money for some back-to-school shoes. :)
Luke has always been one to give to others in any way he can, whether this is giving to the church, buying a meal for someone that cannot afford to eat, or just going out of his way to open a door. Luke was only reaffirmed in his new shoe purchase by the fact that a child will also receive a new pair of shoes because he did. Being a TOMS wearer, I know that once Luke experiences how comfortable these shoes are, quite a few more children will be given shoes!

Pearls and TOMS. Doesn't get any better than this!

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