27 September 2010

Fall. :)

Fall is HERE!!! Well, the first little taste of it, anyway.

South Texas is notorious for confusing its people with weather. As I walked out the front door this morning to take Brooklyn "potty," I felt that first cool, crisp fall breeze hit my face and just about screamed with joy! It was 65 degrees and absolutely perfect. However, I'm not one to pull out the wool coats just yet. Although it is almost October, I'm not yet convinced that the heat is 100% over. I bet we get back into the 90s for a couple more weeks before "fall" actually arrives. But no worries, I'm not a Debbie Downer. I'm just being realistic. :)

I guess something inside of me knew that today's cold front was going to hit because two days ago I bought my first sweater of the season. Thank you Old Navy for your $20 sweater sale!

{It's so cozy!}

This morning, Aubrey and I took a drive down the bay front with Brooklyn to enjoy this beautiful weather. We stopped by the Ortiz Center (where Aub works) and then went to Hester's the get some breakfast. Our friend Felicia works right next to Hester's, so we got to visit her too! Brooklyn enjoyed her outing in the cool weather. 

{Outside of Hester's}

So, the rest of my day will be spent at the La De Da Office, but before I head down there I will be picking up a pumpkin spice latte, of course. I love celebrating fall in any way I can! But have I ever told you that I'm not a fan of fall colors? Isn't that sad? I don't know, I've just never loved brown, red, and orange. Funny, since I just purchased a brown sweater, ha! But for all of you fall colors lovers, here is a picture of leaves that change colors, something we rarely see down in good ol' South Texas. 

{Fall, please stay. Please?}

Happy First Day of Cooler Weather!

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