02 September 2012

Kristin's Bachelorette Weekend in San Antonio

A couple of weeks back, my old college roommates and I all met up in San Antonio for Kristin's bachelorette weekend. San Antonio was the prefect location because it's right in the middle of all our current hometowns: Dallas, Houston, Waco, and Corpus Christi. The first night was spent on the San Antonio Riverwalk, where we went to dinner and then showered Kristin with bachelorette gifts!

The second day/night, we drove up to the hill country and stayed at the gorgeous JW Marriott Resort & Spa, where we floated the lazy river, enjoyed some fabulous pina coladas, and just loved on our sweet bride-to-be!

We all headed home on Sunday morning after a fabulous weekend celebrating Kristin's last couple of weeks as a Jones girl. This was also the first time in months that we were all together, which made it that much more special. God could not have blessed me with better college roommates/friends/sisters. 

Up next, a post about Kristin and James' wedding!!


  1. So fun! I love bachelorette parties! They are such a fun time to celebrate friendship and a special friend! I always wish I could go back and do my bachelorette party once a year! I felt so loved and celebrated by my closest friends. And I am always wishing I could throw another party for my best friends. It's a great way to spoil someone with quality time and love. Sounds like you girls had a great weekend.

  2. Amazing party. Hope everyone had great time.

  3. Indeed it’s a great place to throw such parties. Everyone is looking great and gorgeous in pictures. Spending time with your old friends after so long is really a great treat. Last month I attended my old friend’s wedding at one of the amazing event venues Chicago and met my all other friends. I can’t explain how much I loved meeting all of them.


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