04 September 2012

Labor Day Weekend Via Intagram

This Labor Day weekend was much needed and couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I hope all of you were able to spend some quality time with family and friends over the last few days! Here are a few pictures from our weekend via Instagram (what did we ever do without this app??)...

{Diet coke at lunch on Saturday. Photo credit: Luke}

{Luke just got his concealed hand gun license in the mail, so we bought him a conceal and carry gun holster. I don't know much about guns, but this accessory is awesome!}

{I've been wanting a charm bracelet for a while, so Luke bought me one this weekend. I already had a few charms to put on it, but Luke bought me two more too! A puppy dog charm for our furbabies and an "I Love You" charm. I picked up the bracelet today and I love it!}

{Afternoon ice cream treat at the mall}

{Yup, someone got a new motorcycle helmet this weekend. When you put the two of us together, you get a pretty intense shopping team. It's a good thing that we also know how to save money, or we'd be broke!}

{After our 3-mile run on Saturday night}

{We watched Baylor kick SMU's butt on Sunday night in their season opener. Sic 'Em Bears!}

{We caved and ate pizza for dinner that same night. You just need to eat some pizza while watching college football and Breaking Bad!}

{Monday morning was so peaceful. I never get to just lay in bed, drinking coffee and watching Good Morning America, so I definitely took advantage of this on Labor Day!}

{And of course, Brooklyn took advantage of having mom and dad sleep in on a Monday morning. Extra snuggles!}
  {I worked on some "school work" aka continuing education class}

{The pups got to ride in the car with mom and dad Monday afternoon, which they always love! Sticking your head out the window is the best!}

{And last, but not least, I snagged this adorable necklase from Lisa Leonard Designs on Monday evening right before her Labor Day sale ended. It was $19 down from $44, plus I got an extra 15% off. Yes!! It was a great way to end a wonderful, long weekend}

Hope you all had a blessed Labor Day weekend!!
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  1. Looks like a good weekend! I'm also following you on Instagram :)

  2. what a fun weekend! I loved watching the BU game too :)

  3. No Instagram. :( Looks you had an awesome weekend! Lots of shopping, fun!

  4. suuuuper envious of the deal you got on that necklace! I want it!

  5. Looks like a great weekend! Your pup is adorable!


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