15 December 2014

Baby H: Weeks 21-24

Pregnancy became a whole new level of fun during weeks 21-24. :) I realized I was settling into that "honeymoon stage" of pregnancy everyone talks about. I was feeling great, finally looking pregnant (and not just like I'd eaten a second cheeseburger for lunch), and the overall concept of growing our child was becoming more real to me as his movement increased.

Week 21 brought with it Baylor Homecoming. Luke wanted so badly to go with me, but he was in a wedding that weekend. I was torn because I wanted to attend the wedding with him, but I just couldn't give up my last Baylor Homecoming without kiddos. I really wanted that sweet time with my college friends. There is just nothing like going back to Waco for homecoming!


{So glad I got to see my little sister and fellow Baylor alum, Claire, at homecoming!}

{At the homecoming parade}

{Homecoming game}

{Barrett got a couple of goodies at homecoming this year. I can't wait to see my little bear in his Baylor baby gear!}

I walked a TON that weekend - all over campus, to the football game, etc. - and on Saturday night I was shocked to see slightly swollen ankles for the first time. I'm not going to lie, I was freaked out, ha! But my ankles returned to normal the next day, so I wasn't too concerned.

During week 22, Luke started a new job. He's still in a similar role, just with a new company. This new job couldn't have come at a more perfect time. He's really liking the people he works with, his travel schedule, etc. God's timing is always perfect y'all!

We also were blessed to attend the wedding of my cousin Bryan, and his wife, Haley. Bryan is the cousin I'm closest in age to, so he's been more of the brother I never had than a cousin. He and Haley love the Lord deeply and this was evident in their lovely Brenham wedding. Plus, it was so nice to spend some time with my dad's side of the family at this wedding since it'd been a while since we'd last seen them.

{At B&H's wedding}
{Love these sillies}

I had a nice, quick visit with my doctor at 22 weeks and she said everything was looking great! At the end of 22 weeks, I had gained approximately 8 pounds with this pregnancy. I'm not being super strict on weight gain; Barrett and my body are telling me what I need. But I definitely like keeping track because a health pregnancy is very important to me (and baby!). So far, so good!

Week 23 was a busy one! On the actual day I turned 23 weeks, Barrett decided to give his momma a gift and kicked me about 6 times so hard that I could actually see and feel the kicks on the outside of my stomach! I didn't think it would overwhelm me so much, but my heart was so full that afternoon. Luke was out of town for work that day, so I tried to take a video of it, but our stubborn little boy wasn't having it. I told Luke that he just wanted to share his first big kicks with mom. :) But towards the end of the week once Luke returned home, Barrett did eventually give dad a couple of good punches to the hand.

That weekend, we bought baby furniture and bedding for Barrett's room. We found a really great deal at Baby's 1st Furniture on a crib, dresser, and bookshelf set. It was recently delivered to the store's warehouse and we picked it up this past weekend. Pictures to come! This is the nursery bedding we went with. I've recently fallen in love with Pottery Barn Kids. I love their quality of bedding and their colors/styles aren't too loud and crazy (there is some interesting baby bedding out there!). And as much as I fought and still fight against having a true "theme" for Barrett's room, I do love the animals on this bedding. Luke and I both love our dogs like they are our children and Luke was a big animal lover as a child (and still is). We have no doubt that Barrett is going to love all animals like his dad and will love learning animal words and sounds.

Week 23 wrapped up with a trip to the Nutcracker Market with my mom and our first fire in the fireplace of our new house. It was a busy week, for sure!

{Christmas-ness at the Nutcracker Market}
{I bought the sign on the left for Barrett's room at the Nutcracker Market for like $15! It was my best find, by far}
{First fire in the new house}
Week 24 slowed down a bit and I was grateful for this. I'd been working on my company's 2015 customer conference and this was consuming my mind at work. Leaves were falling all over the place and I busted out the Christmas decorations just a little ahead of Thanksgiving (I can't ever wait 100% until after Thanksgiving!). From a pregnancy perspective, I had a big boost of energy that week. I think I worked out at 3-4 times and felt great!

{Puppies in leaves are the cutest}
{Walking the bump around our fall neighborhood}