15 August 2013

My week via Instagram + I just might have to buy these

Whew! Is anyone else happy this week is coming to a close? Don't get me wrong, it's been a great week. I had some awesome colleagues in town and got the chance to work out of our corporate office, but we were slammed with big projects and transitions all week and I think the ol' brain is a little fried. This weekend, I'm looking forward to sleeping in, running some errands, catching up on my TV shows, and just relaxing. Here's a little look at what's gone on over the last 7ish days...

1. A triple grande, non-fat no whip white mocha. My go-to 'I need to get shit done' drink. BAM.
2. Point Pleasant Beach last Saturday.
3. Crab legs at the shore. The best I've ever had. They didn't stand a chance.
4. Luke and I have been cleaning and packing. I married a clean freak, PTL. Isn't he adorable cleaning in his shorty shorts! :)
5. Dinner at Arthur's Tavern in Morris Plains, NJ on Tuesday night. Love the lights!
6. Why is lemon cayenne juice so popular in the clean eating/cleanse world right now? I almost died drinking this thing couldn't finish it.
7. Luke surprised me on Monday and came home early + brought flowers. So glad I get to keep him forever.
8. I was so tired after all my meetings this week.
9. Work hard, play hard. Drinks with the girls Wednesday night at Caitlin's Ten

And on a random side note, did anyone else get the new Michael Kors catalog in the mail the week? I'm OBSESSED with all the MK fall shoes!! Pumps, booties, flats...they are all so cute!! Looks like it's time for my to start saving my pennies. :)

Have a great weekend y'all!! 

13 August 2013

The perks of moving to Houston...

1) These people live in Houston...
{From top to bottom and left to right: Emily (sister), Claire (sister), Cat (friend), Amy (aunt/big sister}

2) These two visit Houston ALL the time...
{Becca (sister) and Mom}

3) Houston means I live close enough to Waco to justify buying season tickets for...

4) Luke and I don't have to give up the "city" life...

5) I get to do research on this website and dream of buying/building a home in the somewhat near future...

And of course, there are many other reasons (being just a couple of hours from family and friends, amazing shopping, some of the best shows/concerts/sporting events, etc.), but these are just a few off the top of my head and especially on my heart right now. 

Houston, I'm getting excited to call you home soon. :)

11 August 2013

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

When I decided this past spring that it was time to take the GRE and apply for grad school, I had no idea the headache that this process (at times) would be. Although it had been a few years since I'd last applied to college, I knew enough to expect a bit of studying for the GRE, requesting recommendations letters from employers and colleagues, and writing application essays. What I wasn't expecting was to have conversations that included,"I sent you my official transcripts WEEKS ago! What do you mean you can't FIND them?!"and "What do you mean I have to pay out of state tuition? I'm a TEXAS resident!!" And so, the first stresses of earning my MBA began.

A couple weeks ago, I called my mom and explained to her that my account balance for this upcoming semester was about $2k more than it should be because I was being charged out-of-state tuition [long story, but my NJ address ended up on my application and made my Texas college think I was a permanent resident of NJ even though I've never forfeited my Texas residency], which of course freaked me out. MBA programs are expensive enough without being hit with out-of-state tuition! I complained to told my mom that I was going to have to petition for Texas residency after all of the work I'd already put in to being accepted to grad school. At this point, I was just so tired of the paperwork! And in true Julie fashion, she said, "Sara, remember, if it was easy, everyone would do it. You've already come this far, what's a little more paperwork to fill out?" Got to love moms. Always telling you exactly what you need to hear.

So, back to the paperwork I went. Petition documents? Check. A letter from my boss confirming my employment? Check. Bank statements from the past six months? Check. Although, they only asked for one month, but hey--two can play this game. Have fun sifting through with six months of bank statements registar's office. Muahahah! Pay back. :)

And then on Wednesday, I got this saweeet email...

I can't even begin to tell you how pumped I was to receive this email!! First of all, I didn't think I'd hear back so fast. Second of all, my tuition payment deadline is quickly approaching and I was nervous my request wouldn't be processed in time. And lastly, I was considering deferring a semester if all of this hadn't worked out because I'm definitely not paying an additional $2k just because people do not believe me when I say I hold a permanent Texas residence, was born and raised in Texas, went to high school and college in Texas, and I own cattle (that makes me Texan, right? Jk!).

All in all, mom's reminder was spot on. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. And I'm so glad that I've made the decision to go for it; GRE, applications, and residency petition forms included. With women still being significantly out-numbered in the world of MBA candidates and a desire to always be learning and challenging myself, I know that the day I walk across that stage with my MBA will be one of the proudest days of my life (and I probably won't even remember these early stresses!). 

{I love this movie! via}

Now, if only I can keep this quote in mind while I train for my half marathon and take Business Calculus, bleh!

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05 August 2013

My Before Baby Bucket List

Let's get real, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world not pregnant right now. At least, that's how it feels anyway. Hey--I'm not complaining. I'm purposely not pregnant now. Luke and I are just starting year three of our five year plan and a baby just isn't on the agenda quite yet (sorry Nana!). So when I came across this article on The Nest, I about screamed, "Thank GOD! An article for people in the same club as me!!"

Side note: This blog post is in no way meant to offend my friends and other bloggers that are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or are moms now. God's timing is perfect and someday I'll be thrilled to announce that we're expecting. We just aren't ready quite yet and until then, I'm happy to play with and love on your precious babies until my own arrive. :)

{And just a little proof that someday, we'll totally rock this whole baby thing out!}

If you know me, then you know I'm a Type A goal setter and a list maker, so this list of 41 things to do before having a baby definitely intrigued me. I read through it and, although I'm indifferent about a couple of the things listed, for the most part I really liked this list! If you don't want to click through all 41 to-dos within the article, I've re-listed them all below, plus added my own notes and checked off the items Luke and I have already done. I'm definitely going to keep this list top of mind over the next couple of years to make sure I get as many of these things crossed off as possible. Is it a lofty goal? Sure. But to you hit goals by not setting them? Nope! 

The Nest's 41 Things to do Before You Have a Baby:
1. Purchase your dream car.  I'm not a car snob, so I'm good with my 2012 Toyota Camry for now. However, Luke's Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R counts. Especially since he's on #2!
2. Buy a home. We are actually in the very, very early stages of building a house. This is a goal for 2014.
3. Take at least one dream vacation. I've always wanted to go on a cruise to the Caribbean and now that Luke and I will be living so close to a port (Galveston), we're planning a 2014 summer vacay!
4. Take a cross-country trip. Aug/Sept 2013! New Jersey back to Texas!
5. Go to Disneyland and act like kids. We honeymooned at Disneyworld, so I say that counts.
6. Establish your career. Me = check. Luke = still working on this a little bit. We're close to checking this one off completely and God has opened some big doors, but our move back to Texas is changing things up a bit for Luke. He's adapting really well though and God is good!
7. Decide whether you want to be a SAHM. I'm nowhere near thinking about this one right now.
8. Have crazy, carefree sex. And we'll continue to. ;)
9. Address any problems in your relationship. 
10. Discuss how you want to raise your child.  I mean, I guess we have done this a little, but there is probably more we can do here.
11. Be spontaneous. I want to mark this one off, but I'm not. We make last-minute decisions, but we aren't crazy spontaneous. We could vamp it up. 
12. Enjoy an all-nighter. The Nest says to stay out until 4 a.m. and then sleep late the next day. Thanks to NYC, we're good here. :)
13. Invite a friend's child to spend the night. Umm...ok? I keep my dogs alive, does that count?
14. Enjoy Saturday afternoon movie marathons--at the movie theater. I have no desire to do this, but Luke and I have definitely had Saturday afternoon Netflix TV show marathons, so I consider this one done and done.
15. Start and finish any major home renovation projects. See #2. Not going to be needed, yay!
16. Get rid of the clutter. We could benefit from this.
17. Enjoy weekly nights out with your friends. And we'll continue to do so.
18. Relocate to your dream city. NYC! I got as close as I possibly could. And I've worked in my dream city. I'm smiling ear-to-ear that I've accomplished this!
19. Make a list of the books you want to read--and then read them.
20. Have at least one big adventure. This may not be "big" to some, but I really want to go scuba diving. Hoping to knock this out on the Caribbean cruise! And moving to NJ could totally count too.
21. Spend an entire day with each set of your grandparents. Unfortunately, this isn't entirely possible because we've each lost grandparents. But we will love on the ones we've got!
22. Enjoy a splurge. We do this too often, whoops!
23. Become a yogi, master kickboxing, or run a half-marathon. April 2012, Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Nashville (and two more coming up this fall!).
24. Spend time alone on a boat (or just take a cruise together). Yay!! See #3.
25. Perform a random act of kindness. Guess you'll have to trust me on this one. :)
26. Plan and host a surprise party. 
27. Save a 12-month emergency fund. People, be real with me. Have YOU ever done this? SO hard! I'll try, but I'm not hopeful... *fingers crossed* 
28. Kiss under a waterfall. I'm knocking this one out on the cruise too. 
29. Go camping.
30. Take a cooking class together. This is sooo never going to happen, ha!
31. Go to at least one major sporting event. I'm thinking Rio 2016!!! This may be after baby #1 though... 
32. Wear your most expensive clothing as often as possible. I think you have to own expensive clothing to do this.
33. Take a career risk. Check! 
34. Develop a hobby. 
35. Turn your extra bedroom into something fun...before it becomes a nursery. We will plan for both of these items when #2 commences. 
36. Do something outrageously nice for your parents. Isn't giving them grandkids enough? JK Mom!!
37. Make a list of all of the restaurants and bars you've been meaning to check out--and go. Working on this now.
38. Savor every minute of alone time. We already do this. For some reason, Luke and I are both hyper sensitive to this time in our lives and are truly loving it being just the two of us. 
39. Enjoy leisurely, boozy Sunday brunches. 
40. Fly first class. Bleh, whatev.
41. Be the last ones to leave the party or the restaurant. This one is hard. Luke and I are old farts sometimes, ha! But we'll try.

So, that's the list! And I guess it's now my adopted "before baby" bucket list. We've already completed approximately 41% of the list, and I'm thinking that's not bad! Will we check off every to-do before Baby H numero uno? Maybe/maybe not. But I'm excited to try! You know me, Type A, list-making, goal-setting crazy girl over here. :)

04 August 2013

Our weekend according to Instagram. (What did we do before Instagram again??)

First of all, you should all go link up with my sweet friend, Breanna, over at My Beautiful, Crazy Life and make some new blogging fraaands. ;) This is a great way to start your week! 

This weekend...

+Packing commenced!

+We took pictures of ourselves in Home Depot. :)

+I found a few steals at Target! $17 maxi skirt, $5 sandals, and $9 heels. YES!!

+Half marathon training continued (I thought I was going to pass out, hence my ridiculous face).

+Some pumpkin spice coffee (it was 68 degrees outside, so I took advantage) and wine was enjoyed.

+We went for a family walk on Sunday morning.

+Church was watched online (Thanks First Houston!).

+And all we wanted for dinner on Sunday was veggies, so this happened. And it was awesome!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

01 August 2013

Running, shopping, and packing (Oh my!)

Linking up with Britt over at The Magnolia Pair for this Friday's Love List!

Running...For the last couple of months, I have been wanting to sign up and train for another half marathon (you can read about my first half here), but something inside me was holding back. Now, I know why! Had I signed up for the run in Philly or the other run in Brooklyn that I was looking at, I wouldn't have been have been able to follow through with these runs because of our move back to Texas. 

{Half marathon training in the rain = gross, but so much fun!}

So, what did I do immediately after I found out about our move back to Texas? I committed to not one, but two half marathons: the Houston Half in October and the Rock and Roll Half in San Antonio in November. These two races are only three weeks apart, so there isn't too much of a training lull between the two. I'm running the Houston Half with my sisters and if anyone in Texas wants to join me in San Antonio, come on! 

Shopping...Do any of you gals shop at Piperlime online? To be honest, I never really have. The first time I ever heard of Piperlime was when they sponsored the "accessories wall" on Project Runway a few seasons back. But I was on the Old Navy website the other day looking for some layering tanks/tees when I noticed that not only does the Old Navy website link to Gap and Banana Republic, but it also links to Piperlime. So, I checked it out. And (whoops!) ended up with a few items...

{Major sale, flattering style and can be dressed up or down = SOLD!}

I mean, who can blame me? Piperlime is having a huge sale right now plus, I found a 15% off coupon at RetailMeNot, AND Piperlime offers free shipping + free returns. I. Could. Not. Say. No! Oh, and fall shoes are 25% off right now. You're welcome. :)

Packing...Luke and I are headed to Home Depot this weekend to buy some packing boxes, bubble wrap, etc. so that we can start the packing process. As much as I loathe packing and moving (this will be my 9th time to pack up a house/apartment in 7 years, yuck!), I'm excited that this time around, we're not going to be driving all of our stuff back to Texas. **happy dance** I got an amazing deal with a moving company that was recommended to me by a couple of friends that have moved cross-country. We will pack up our apartment and fill up a cube/pod-type box with our belongings, this company loads it on a truck, and drives it to Houston. Plus, they store it for you until you need it and then deliver it to you for free. Score! 

{This could be me in the next couple of weeks, ha! via}

Luke and I are so pumped to be able to relax, drive our own vehicle, and have an entire back seat for the pups to stretch out and sleep. I think we may actually have a chance of getting back to Texas without either of us strangling the other. :)

Have a great weekend!