15 August 2013

My week via Instagram + I just might have to buy these

Whew! Is anyone else happy this week is coming to a close? Don't get me wrong, it's been a great week. I had some awesome colleagues in town and got the chance to work out of our corporate office, but we were slammed with big projects and transitions all week and I think the ol' brain is a little fried. This weekend, I'm looking forward to sleeping in, running some errands, catching up on my TV shows, and just relaxing. Here's a little look at what's gone on over the last 7ish days...

1. A triple grande, non-fat no whip white mocha. My go-to 'I need to get shit done' drink. BAM.
2. Point Pleasant Beach last Saturday.
3. Crab legs at the shore. The best I've ever had. They didn't stand a chance.
4. Luke and I have been cleaning and packing. I married a clean freak, PTL. Isn't he adorable cleaning in his shorty shorts! :)
5. Dinner at Arthur's Tavern in Morris Plains, NJ on Tuesday night. Love the lights!
6. Why is lemon cayenne juice so popular in the clean eating/cleanse world right now? I almost died drinking this thing couldn't finish it.
7. Luke surprised me on Monday and came home early + brought flowers. So glad I get to keep him forever.
8. I was so tired after all my meetings this week.
9. Work hard, play hard. Drinks with the girls Wednesday night at Caitlin's Ten

And on a random side note, did anyone else get the new Michael Kors catalog in the mail the week? I'm OBSESSED with all the MK fall shoes!! Pumps, booties, flats...they are all so cute!! Looks like it's time for my to start saving my pennies. :)

Have a great weekend y'all!! 

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