30 January 2010

I'm beginning to understand

I used to think that brides were so silly to say things like "Its so hard to plan a wedding!" or "It would be easier to just elope!" I mean really? How hard can planning a wedding be? The day is all about you, you get everything you want, its the happiest day of your life, and everyone wants to make you happy. What's so difficult about that?

IT'S NOT TRUE. Whoever told me that, lied.

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic. But seriously, in my experience so far, planning a wedding hasn't been easy. I attribute the frustration to many things. Here is the list I have made:

1) Luke's job and my future law school schedule
2) Big families a.k.a. too many opinions
3) That fact that I'm living in New York
4) A budget in general
5) I want to be married NOW

Everything inside of me wants to go crazy and plan this wedding today. I have no patience and when people tell me they have to "get back to me," the bridezilla inside says, "WHAAAT?? You can't give me an answer NOW??" Picking a day, which by the way has to be done first before any other true plans can be made, has been the worst part. In between Luke finishing school, me starting law school, and our jobs at Zephyr, there are very few days that we can get married and honeymoon. I spent an hour and a half on Skype with my boss and then another 45 minutes on Skype with the pastor that is going to perform the ceremony last night trying to align dates. It looks like we're moving the wedding from August 14th to either August 7th or July 31st. I'm still "waiting to hear back" from people. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.

You know what makes it better though? My future husband. One of the sexiest things about that man is the way he can calm me down. I know it can't be easy for him. I'm crazy emotional sometimes. And as he likes to say, "hard-headed." But when he tells me that none of this truly matters because all he's focused on is marrying me and spending the rest of our lives together, I melt all over again. Last night when I was talking to the pastor that will be performing our ceremony, he said that the day you get married, besides the day that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, is one of the most sacred days of your life because you are entering into a covenant with someone that is the best depiction of God's love for His people. Jesus is the groom and the church is His bride-groom. Getting married will be one of the most important spiritual covenants that Luke and I will ever enter into and I'm so humbled, excited, and blessed.

Ok, now back to the drawing board. The country club is good to go for the 7th, but they won't know about the 31st until next weekend. Its time to call Zephyr and make sure the 7th is a go. One...step...closer...

Check back next week. We may have eloped by then:)

21 January 2010

Time to get happy:)

I've been a little grumpy the last few days. The sad thing is, I know exactly why I'm feeling this way and I haven't done much to fix it. So, I guess my grumpiness is partially my fault. I've been told multiple times that no matter the circumstances, joy is a choice. And if I were to be honest with you, I have not been choosing joy. So, here are things that have been bothering me.

First off, its very hard to be away from Luke. I don't mean this in a "i miss my fiance" sort of way, even though I do miss him very much. What I mean is, its hard to have a conversation that lasts longer than a couple of minutes. Its hard to get his true opinion about wedding decisions because we're not looking at the same wedding planner or bridal magazine. The one hour time difference, even though it doesn't sound like a lot, really throws us for a loop. We get off of work at different times, go to bed at different times...you get the picture. This is a tough one.

I've also been grumpy because I'm adapting to life in the city. I love New York, don't get me wrong. But whereas you adapt for short periods of time while on vacation, I'm living life up here and I still have another 3.5 months to go. Whether its traveling by subway, adapting to a new work place and a new boss, or finding good food, I hope the adaption process is over soon and I can more thoroughly enjoy this city.

I hate feeling this way. I hate being bitter because I see so many other couples planning their weddings TOGETHER (on facebook, ha!). I also hate the way some people handle change better than me. But each of these things, I must get over.

I am so blessed. I am marrying my best friend and that day will be the sweetest day of my life. I'm living out my childhood dream in New York City. I have an incredible job and I work for some freakin' amazing people. My family is safe and healthy. I have the best friends in the entire world. Well, when I put that way...

SHUT UP SARA. Geez, I annoy myself sometimes. I'm about to change the mood right now. Its time to be excited about life and where its headed. I'm over being grumpy!

See what blogging can do?? Its so good to get this off my chest:)

15 January 2010

Engagement Pictures!!

Over the Christmas break, a sweet friend of mine and Luke's, Jade Guerra Payne, took some engagement pictures for us. She is both an incredible photographer and friend. What a blessing it was to share such a special time with someone we both know and felt totally comfortable with! Jade took about a million pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. I love looking at them and dreaming about becoming Mrs. Luke Riley Hinton!

**Sorry in advance for all of the kissy pictures! What can I say? It's what we do best;)**