01 August 2013

Running, shopping, and packing (Oh my!)

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Running...For the last couple of months, I have been wanting to sign up and train for another half marathon (you can read about my first half here), but something inside me was holding back. Now, I know why! Had I signed up for the run in Philly or the other run in Brooklyn that I was looking at, I wouldn't have been have been able to follow through with these runs because of our move back to Texas. 

{Half marathon training in the rain = gross, but so much fun!}

So, what did I do immediately after I found out about our move back to Texas? I committed to not one, but two half marathons: the Houston Half in October and the Rock and Roll Half in San Antonio in November. These two races are only three weeks apart, so there isn't too much of a training lull between the two. I'm running the Houston Half with my sisters and if anyone in Texas wants to join me in San Antonio, come on! 

Shopping...Do any of you gals shop at Piperlime online? To be honest, I never really have. The first time I ever heard of Piperlime was when they sponsored the "accessories wall" on Project Runway a few seasons back. But I was on the Old Navy website the other day looking for some layering tanks/tees when I noticed that not only does the Old Navy website link to Gap and Banana Republic, but it also links to Piperlime. So, I checked it out. And (whoops!) ended up with a few items...

{Major sale, flattering style and can be dressed up or down = SOLD!}

I mean, who can blame me? Piperlime is having a huge sale right now plus, I found a 15% off coupon at RetailMeNot, AND Piperlime offers free shipping + free returns. I. Could. Not. Say. No! Oh, and fall shoes are 25% off right now. You're welcome. :)

Packing...Luke and I are headed to Home Depot this weekend to buy some packing boxes, bubble wrap, etc. so that we can start the packing process. As much as I loathe packing and moving (this will be my 9th time to pack up a house/apartment in 7 years, yuck!), I'm excited that this time around, we're not going to be driving all of our stuff back to Texas. **happy dance** I got an amazing deal with a moving company that was recommended to me by a couple of friends that have moved cross-country. We will pack up our apartment and fill up a cube/pod-type box with our belongings, this company loads it on a truck, and drives it to Houston. Plus, they store it for you until you need it and then deliver it to you for free. Score! 

{This could be me in the next couple of weeks, ha! via}

Luke and I are so pumped to be able to relax, drive our own vehicle, and have an entire back seat for the pups to stretch out and sleep. I think we may actually have a chance of getting back to Texas without either of us strangling the other. :)

Have a great weekend!

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