20 September 2010

Delta (and other kinds of) Love

To mock a very similar blog post written by my friend, Sarah Leyda, I must tell you about the overwhelming amount of joy I was surrounded by this weekend. I made the 4 hour trip from Corpus Christi to Houston this weekend for my friend Molly's wedding. Not only was this a special day for Molly and Nathan, but it was also a special time for our group of college friends/sorority sisters because this was the first time we were all together since graduation. I have missed these girls more than they could ever know!


We met up at Catherine's house (after she and Sarah stalked me down at Bed Bath & Beyond) to eat an amazing BBQ lunch Cat's dad bought us. Then we proceeded to get ready for Molly's wedding. We decided this weekend that when a sorority sister gets married, dressing up for the wedding is the equivalent of an alumni "function" because we all get ready and go together, like we did back in college. It was so fun to hear 4 blow dryers going at the same time. :)

{Leaving for the wedding!}

Molly was a gorgeous bride and their ceremony was so sweet. We danced the night away at the reception and had way too much fun in the photo booth! Of course, we circled around Molly to sing "Delta Love" and she and Nathan looked head over heels in love as they drove off from the reception. I felt so surrounded by love and joy this weekend. I was reminded of how much my own family, fiance, and friends mean to me. I'm grateful and so incredibly blessed. 

{Delta Love at its finest}

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