07 October 2010

All Things New

I have so many exciting happenings to share with you, my friends!

First of all, GREAT NEWS!!! I've found a new job!!!! I am now an account executive for KRIS Communications. This company owns 7 media platforms, including the local news stations KRIS 6 News (NBC) and Action 10 News (CBS). I will be selling advertising for these 7 platforms and assisting local businesses with their marketing strategies. Last Friday, just a couple hours after accepting the job, my girlfriends here in Corpus Christi took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. I was given a black rhinestone pimp cup that read "Loaded" on the side of it (HA!) and a sweet card signed by everyone. Tonight, Luke and I had dinner at Cheddar's with our best couple friends, Jay and Morgan, to celebrate my new job. Needless to say, I feel extremely blessed and surrounded by people that love and support me. I start my new job on Monday and I'm super pumped up about it!

{Me and my pimp cup. Thanks friends!}

I'm also going to continue freelancing, but as a blogger! Remember my old job with The One Bride Guide? Well, I'm now going to be writing for The One Bride Guide Blog. Besides writing the normal weekly blog posts that talk about cool DIY projects, color schemes, etc., I get to pick one day a week that will serve as my own personal "column," so to speak. Monica (the creative mastermind behind this fabulous wedding magazine) has told me that I can call this weekly blog post whatever I'd like. For example (and for lack of a better example), if I decide to write my column on Fridays, it could be called, "Fridays With Sara." I am now taking any and all suggestions! What do you think I should call my personal weekly blog post on The One Bride Guide Blog? 

{Have I mentioned that the new October issue just hit stands? Well, it has and it's awesome!}

The reason I did not start my new job(s) this week is because I am currently in the middle of a very special project. I was asked to serve someone in a very unique way this week. The Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra has its first concert of the season this Saturday. A young man by the name of Nobuyuki Tsujii will be performing with the symphony. He is from Japan, a year younger than me, has been blind since birth, and is a musical genius. I have been driving him and his translators back and forth between their hotel and his practice room this week and I must say that this experience has truly been an honor. "Nobu," as this young man has asked me to call him, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He sits in the front seat of my car during each trip we make and tries very hard to talk as much English with me as possible because he wants to learn. He asks me to visit Japan and I ask him many questions about his native country. He loves to swim at his hotel pool and has told me about how much he likes to ride horses. Nobu will practice the piano for five or six hours straight without stopping. This is crazy to me! He has played two pieces for me already and I can't wait to watch his performance on Saturday. People may look at what I'm doing and think, "Oh, she is just chauffeuring this guy around. No big deal." But to me, I feel like this is one of the coolest opportunities I've ever been given. Nobu is such a happy person and his blindness does not seem to affect the joy he has in life. He is currently on a nation-wide tour of the states and nothing is holding him back from living every moment to the fullest. Spending time with Nobu has been an amazing opportunity and has challenged me to be thankful for very little bit of my life.

{Nobuyuki Tsujii}    

In addition to all of the cool things I have already mentioned, I have one more "cool" thing to add: THIS WEATHER! I am absolutely in love with it! I wish it could be 82 degrees in Corpus Christi forever. Today, my friend Sarah and I took our dogs on a walk on the bay front. It was so nice to be in such a pretty part of town next to the water. Once again, this reminded me of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place and have such wonderful people in my life, including my crazy puppy dog! I've included a little picture of Brooklyn and Molly enjoying their walk on the bay front this afternoon for you to get the full picture of their friendship. They're pretty cute together!

{Little puppy, bug puppy. Friends forever!}

Alright, its late and way past my bedtime. Time for this blogger to go to bed. I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far and have a fun weekend to look forward to. Before I end this post, I want to share a verse with you that has been on my heart lately. I don't know where you are in life right now, but I hope this blesses you in one way or another. Goodnight friends.

"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful." -Revelation 21:5

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