21 October 2010

Homecoming Eve

I need you to understand the way I am feeling right now. I cannot stop smiling, I no longer have the strength to hold in my joy. Today is...BAYLOR HOMECOMING EVE!! Best. holiday. ever.

Tomorrow (Friday) I am peacin' out of work two and a half hours early because I'm in a race against the clock to get "home." I haven't been back to Baylor since I graduated in May, against my own will. I can't wait for the bonfire, Pigskin Revue (Claire's first Pigskin. I'm going to cry like a baby), Tri Delta Homecoming Breakfast (first one as an alum!!), the parade, the football game, and spending as much time as I can with friends and family. Seriously, it's better than Christmas. I want to eat at all of my favorite restaurants and drink as many cowboy coffees as I can get my hands on. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK!!! Many, many, MANY pictures to come!

I'm not going to be able to sleep...

 {Homecoming football game 2009 with some of my best friends in the entire world. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!}

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  1. Hey Saram Wrap! Don't even get me started on my favorite decorating blogs...we will be here all day! Haha...just kidding. When I first moved into my place I was SUPER OVERWHELMED. What in the world is my decorating style? I have no money. I will never be able to afford an area rug. I can't make decisions to save my life.

    I just started finding things that I LOVED. I would save pics of things I saw on the computer or in magazines. I started noticing a theme...in my case the theme was white, pink and teal...lots of florals. :) Just buy things you love - not things you like - and you'll love it!

    Some of my favorite blogs are: www.younghouselove.com - this is probably my favorite. They are adorable and design breezy lovely rooms. Check out their mood boards. www.theletteredcottage.com - defintely a specific style but I love it - just airy and cottage-like. decor8blog.com - good inspiration. makingitlovely.com - has good photos (girly). www.thenest.com - decorating by the makers of the knot. PS - I could look at etsy all day. I feel like I could build an entire room around some of the accessories/prints they have there. Ooh. :)

    It's not easy decorating...especially from scratch...but it feels real good to be surrounded by things you love. Go Sara go Sara go! Haha...


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