13 October 2010

Night time thoughts

It's at night, laying in bed, that I believe I do my best, most reflective thinking. I suppose it has something to do with the world slowing down and my ability at that point to take one complete breath after another. And this is where I am right now: laying in bed, just thinking back over my day and over the last few months.

My life the last five months has been nothing like what I expected. I know I write, or at least I feel like I write, about this concept pretty often. But I can't seem to help it. Facing life after Baylor and New York was way tougher than expected. College was more than I could have ever dreamed of, a safe haven where best friends lived and being social trumped all. Oh yeah, and there was school...

But you get what I mean. :)

If you haven't heard, I started a new job on Monday. After being "laid off" back in July, only seven weeks after I began my first full time job out of college, I started to re-evaluate. I began searching for a new job and working two part time jobs. I went to many professional mixers, gave my resume to anyone that would look at it, and tried very hard to meet all the right people. I even applied last minute to grad school and questioned my career choice. Many, many tearful conversations with my mom, friends, and Luke, although they didn't help me find a job (the tears!), got me through the valley. Even though tomorrow is only day three of the new job, I must say that it feels good to wake up with a work purpose. It's been a while since I was this thankful for something. God has taught me much patience, faith in Him, and thankfulness over the last five months. It's times like these that you look back on and say you'd not give up for the world because you grew so much during that low point. I know I'll be able to say this later down the road.

So tonight, as I lay here in my bed blogging on my iPhone instead of sleeping like I should be, I'm sincerely grateful. I am grateful for my new job, my supportive family, friends, and fiancé, my precious little puppy who is ever so sweetly cuddling next to me, my health, this comfy bed I'm laying in, and for my personal relationship with the God who has never left my side. Yes, there are still many kinks in my life to work out. Unfortunately, there probably always will be. But I'm truly happy tonight. And I know tonight's will be sweet sleep.

These are just a few of my night time thoughts. Goodnight.

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