27 October 2010

Bowlcoming 2010!

My first homecoming as a Baylor alum was good for my soul. Last weekend was one the of the best weekends I've had in months. Here is an extremely long a recap of my time in Waco:

My manager let me take off of work early on Friday, around 3 p.m., to eave for Waco. I had packed the night before and was ready to leave from work. I was so thrilled to be driving to Waco and was singing at the top of my lungs to the radio that I completely missed my first exit out of Corpus. This caused me to have to turn around multiple times and added 20 minutes to my drive. I was SO frustrated! But this feeling was quickly overshadowed, once again, by my excitement for my first Baylor homecoming as an alum.

I made two stops in my five and a half hour drive from Corpus Christi to Waco. Once outside of Victoria because my car said I had 4 miles worth of gas left in my tank and once in Hallettsville at my parents' house to use the rest room and grab a drink/snack. I made it to Waco by 8:30, just in time to sing the last three songs with the BRH Alumni Choir at Singspiration (my old choir, a huge Baylor traditional worship service).

After Singspiration, I met up with my old roomie, Catherine, and my baby sister, Claire. We headed over to the bonfire to meet up with more friends and hear the results of the homecoming float competition. I saw so many old friends there! The weirdest part of being on campus for the first time since graduation was that I still felt like a student. After seeing and catching up with many college friends, Cat and I snuck into the 9 p.m. Pigskin performance to watch Claire perform with Tri Delta. (When you've performed in Pigskin and Sing many-a-time as a student, you feel as if you've earned the right to sneak in. And hey, I bought a ticket for Saturday. It all evens out.) I cried watching Claire perform for the first time. I didn't think I'd get so emotional, but it's the coolest feeling in the world to watch your baby sister carry on your Baylor/Tri Delta legacy.

 {At the bonfire}

Saturday was busy is the best way. It started off with the Tri Delta Homecoming Breakfast in the chapter room and reunited, again, with college friends. After the breakfast, we walked over to 5th Street to watch the homecoming parade. It began to sprinkle, which should have been a fair enough warning (more rain to come), but it didn't phase me much at the time. After the parade, Cat, Kristin, James, Renee, Amy, Michael, and I headed over to George's for a few pre-game margarit-Os. How I had missed a good margarit-O! For those of you not from Waco, George's is known for their Big-O's, which is cold beer served in a large, round glass. I'm not a fan of beer, but margs? Yup!

 {Imagine this guy, but with a margarita in it. The best way to prep for a Baylor football game! And thanks for the picture TSP!}

After George's, we all got ready and headed over to the stadium for the big game. If you hadn't heard, Baylor's homecoming football game was a bit unusual. The game was supposed to begin at 2:30, but after about two plays into the game, lightening was spotted and a delay of game was called. For about the next 45 minutes to an hour, the teams hung out in the locker rooms while the fans either went under the stadium or waited it out in the stands. My friends, parents, siblings, and I all decided we'd wait it out in the stands. That it, until the torrential downpour began. We all rushed the field and were soaking wet in seconds. Umbrellas broke, rain jackets failed, and no one cared. It was so fun!

 {On the field during the storm! And yup, that's my dad in a trash bag.}

After about another hour, the rain stopped and the game started back up. I don't think it ended until closer to 8:30 p.m. But no one cared because Baylor WON! 47-42, this game made Baylor bowl-eligible for the first time since 1995 and ranked us #25 in BCS. Holla atcha Bears! This was, without a doubt, the most memorable first homecoming football game an alumni could possibly have.

After the game, Cat and I picked up some Food For Thought. Oh, how I had missed those chicken nachos! (I may try to recreate them this week, but I highly doubt I'll be successful.) After dinner, my family and I went to Pigskin (legally) to watch Claire and Tri Delta perform their act, "Come On and Swim!" Claire made us laminated maps of where all she'd be on stage during the performance. She's such a smart little fishy! They did a great job and once again, Tri Delta laid to rest a magnificent act. I can't wait for Sing 2011!

 {This picture was actually taken on Friday night, but I had to show you a picture of the fabulous map Claire made for family and friends. She's pretty legit}

A few of the girls from my Baylor in New York group reunited for about an hour after Pigskin. We got to hug each others necks, reminisce about our adventures in New York, and laugh about our all too many evenings at The Heights Cafe where we poured out our fears of life after college over bottle(s) of wine. Now look at us! Employed, out in the real world, kicking butt! I so proud of us ladies. Love you girls! P.S. Helena and Lindsey, you were dearly missed!

On Sunday morning, Cat, Christine, Kristin, James and I had brunch at Panera. I made sure to pick up a copy of the Waco newspaper (Baylor football on the front cover!) and bought a Baylor Alumni sticker for my car. And last, but certainly NOT least, I bought a cowboy coffee from Common Grounds for my long ride home.

I loved Baylor when I went to school there, but I can honestly say that I think I love it even more now. I finally get why parents want their kids to go to college where they did: because they had some of the best memories there! I definitely want my kids to have all of the amazing opportunities that Baylor offered me. I want them to wear green and gold proudly. It's about tradition, a perpetual bond of friendship (Delta love!), and family. My first homecoming as an alum was perfect; I couldn't have asked for more.

Sic 'Em Bears!!!

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  1. I loved this! So bummed I missed Homecoming this year, but glad to see it was a happy one!


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