15 January 2009

One of Luke's Christmas Presents!!

Luke has been asking me for new pictures for a long time. The last time I gave him any nice photos of just me where my seniors pictures in 2006. Crazy huh? I mean, I print him thousands of pictures that the two of us take together, but he has begged me for updated pictures of just me. So this year, as part of his Christmas present, I had my amazing friend, Jena Willard, take some pictures for me. They turned out way better than I expected! My mother even wants a few, ha! So, I thought I'd put some on here just to show off;) and to give Jena the recognition she deserves.

P.S. Jena is an amazing photographer! Please check out her website, linked to this post. She definitely has an eye for edgy and loves to capture the real you in her pictures. Love you Jena!

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