29 August 2012


{At Kristin and James' wedding this past weekend}

1) The summer is officially over for Luke, which means it is now retreat season at Zephyr (yay!).

2) I have been incredibly busy at work, which is probably the main reason I've been ignoring the blog. I'm seriously so bummed about this, but the last thing I've wanted to do in the evenings lately is stare at my computer. My. Brain. Is. Fried.

3) I am taking 2 continuing education classes through Del Mar College. They are 8-week long classes that I am doing completely online and I'm loving them! One is for Adobe Acrobat and the other is for Adobe InDesign. The nerd in me is loving this!

4) Last weekend, Luke and I went to Waco for a wedding for my college roomate, Kristin. I would love to devote an entire blog post to this, but we're going to have to wait on that one. It was a gorgeous wedding and fabulous weekend with friends! Love.

5) Luke and I are incredibly stressed and we covet your prayers. Sometimes life just feels like the heaviest burden one can bare, yes? We're feeling some strain around the whole big-decision-making part of life. Please say a prayer for us? We'd greatly appreciate it. :)

{Loved being with these girls last weekend. Will post about it soon!}

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  1. Aw definitely will for you guys! I relate. I'm so behind on all my fave blogs (including yours!) because of extra hours at work. Tonight's the first free night I have to kick back, watch some Gilmore Girls and blog hop. Anyway, good luck with work! The wedding pics look cute!


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