22 February 2008

Progressive Revelation

Today in my Christian Scriptures class, my professor, Dr. Tatum, talked about the concept of Progressive Revelation. Progressive Revelation is the idea that God reveals Himself as much as He can to us at certain times according to how much we can understand. My mind really grabbed onto this concept.

God is so much greater than we could ever fathom. I have known this since I was a little girl. There is no way that I could ever understand the depths of God's knowledge or love for His people. How amazing is it to think that God is only going to reveal to us just what He wants and needs us to know according to our knowledge so that we are not so overwhelmed by His majesty that we flip out or go crazy.

What a beautiful concept. God wants us to know Him, to have a relationship with Him and be able to converse with Him to the best of our ability. He does not want to throw His magnitude in our faces and treat us like the flecks of dust that we are. He loves us so much that, like a Father, He attempts to simplify His greatness, so that He can better show His grace and mercy.

What a mighty and passionate God we serve.

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