07 March 2009

On Our Way! Spring Break 2009!

I'M IN FLORIDA!! Catherine, Kristin, Amy, Kara, and I drove 18(ish) hours overnight from Waco to Tampa for Spring Break 2009. We drove from Waco to Houston, where we left our cars at Cat's house and my mom met us there to give us the BABS (big a** blue suburban). We left Houston at about 6 pm and got to Tampa around noon. I drove about the first 7 hours and then slept through Mississippi and most of Alabama. Driving through Florida took a while, but we're finally here! We stopped at Amy's house for a little bit to see her mom and dad and ate lunch at a cute little burger place called Frankie's. Amy's sister Eryn met us there. We love Eryn! It's her spring break too, so she'll be staying at the beach house with us. Now, we're in the car, about 10 minutes away from the beach house. I'll take tons of pictures once we get there to show y'all what it looks like. Plus, we made a few videos on the way up here and I'll get those posted later too! More updates later! Love.

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