29 October 2009

The Good Lord's Blessings

Alright everyone, listen up! Because I have some AMAZING news! On Monday morning, I received an email from CBS News in New York, offering me an internship with them for the spring 2010!! I prayed and thought this opportunity through all day Monday and accepted the internship Tuesday morning. WHAT A RELIEF it is to have secured in internship for next semester, my LAST semester of college, in New York! Needless to say, I am on cloud nine about this. Praise the Lord for His answers to our prayers for the the way He continues to shower His blessings on His people!

In addition to all of the hype about my internship with CBS News, I was at Youth Minister's Conclave 2009 Monday through Wednesday. This was amazing because I was with some of the people that I love most in the entire world when I received the email! Luke, Tyler, Shaune, Kristie, and I were blessed to have the opportunity to represent Camp Zephyr at Conclave this year and we had a blast! We ate at The Melting Pot for Tyler's 29th birthday on Monday night, we got to stay in a pretty cool hotel in Arlington, we heard Francis Chan speak, and we just got to catch up/spend time together. I absoluted loved representing Zephyr in this way and felt honored that the executive staff would ask me to be a part of this with them. I must say that I think we did an amazing job of networking and connecting with youth ministers from all over the country. Good job guys!!

And now I am working on my personal statement for law school applications and some religion homework, niether of which sound nearly as exciting as a CBS News internship or Conclave 2009, but I have to do them. Blah. I keep day dreaming about New York and I can't wait to start my New York blog! Get ready y'all; I'm taking you to the Big Apple with me!


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