18 May 2012

Beach To Bay

This weekend, I'm running in my first race since the half marathon. To be completely honest, I didn't really work out the first two weeks after the half. I thought it only fair to give my body a little break from running since I had just pushed it to the limit. However, this probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done. As my fellow runners can atest, two weeks off after extensive training means that you lose consistancy in your pace and you must rebuild endurance. Ouch! Let's just say that during my 4 mile run yesterday, you never would have guessed that I had run a half marathon 3 weeks prior. Woops!

Beach To Bay is one of my favorite races of all time! It was the very first race I ever ran and I've only missed one race (due to my college graduation) in 8 years of running. This will be my second year to run on the KRIS-TV team. This race is a relay marathon, which means 6 people all run about 4.5 miles and pass a baton from start to finish. I'm running leg 3 (again, my favorite!) which takes me over the water and JFK causeway as the sun is rising. I'm seriously so pumped!

After the race, I'm headed home to help my hubby in any way possible. You see, a few of his co-workers are on a mission trip to Guatemala. A few others are in East Texas for the director's son's wedding. So Luke and a couple of other guys are holding down the fort and running the weekend on a less-than-full staff. He's amazing and I have no doubt that he could run camp with his hands tied behind his back, but poor Luke is so incredibly drained by the end of the day. After the race, I've got to put on my super wife cape and get to work! :)

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? I'd love to hear!


  1. it seems that everyone is running a race this weekend. oh man you guys are making me look bad! I did go to the dog park and watch other dog moms run the "bark for a cause" race. I feel like that counts for something?

    good for you!!!

  2. I hope you kicked butt at your race! I took a few weeks off after my first half marathon, too. Definitely necessary after all the training and everything I put into that race...it does stink how much you lose when you take a break, though!


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