14 May 2012

weekend recap + anniversary + vegas!

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful! Luke and I had an awesome weekend. Probably one of the best in a while, if I'm completely honest. For the first time in what feels like forever, Luke had an entire Saturday off. WHAT?! Yes, we got to spend two entire days together! With summer (Luke's busy season) around the corner, we know weekends like this are going to become even fewer and more far between. So, we took advantage of our time. :)

{Dinner at P.F. Changs}

On Saturday, we slept late, went for a ride around the lake, layed out by the pool that afternoon, and then went into Corpus for a date night. On Sunday, we slept in a little, I went for a quick run, and then we took off to Hallettsville to visit family for Mother's Day. It was great to see my seeesters. I hadn't realized how much I have been missing them!! We talked about our upcoming family trip to Vegas in August to celebrate Claire's graduation from Baylor. She's graduating an entire year early (over-achiever!!). Claire found an amazing hotel rate at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and the family is already making plans to see shows, lay out by the pool, and eat at amazing restaurants. Luke and I are getting pumped for our first trip to Vegas!

{Yes, please.}

And speaking of trips...our first anniversary is around the corner! I have been trying to plan a getaway for Luke and I for a while now, but life has just been crazy. I went to NYC in March and Nashville in April. With Vegas in August, our plane ticket budget is running a little low. So, instead of hopping a plane, Luke and I decided that we are going to drive up to the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch Resort in San Antonio for few days. We have heard many friends rant and rave about this resort and its 800 ft. lazy river. Luke and I can't wait to get away for a few days in June to celebrate our 1st year of marriage!

{Can't wait to relax here!}

So, I guess you could say that I spent my weekend hanging out with Luke AND planning a few trips, ha! But hey--I told y'all that traveling more was a 2012 resolution for me. Plus, my job gets pertty busy around the holidays, so I have to take my vacation days when I can. I guess it's time to start my next half-marathon training plan. Looks like there is a lot of bikini and cute dress wearing in my future!


  1. This all sounds so great! I'm pretty sure my parents have been to that Hyatt, and my mother still talks about it - have fun!

  2. That resort looks awesome!
    And Vegas is great, i went in august too and Oh My soooo hot! but anyway it is so much fun :)


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