26 November 2012

Cyber Monday Finds

Cyber Monday is genius! I hate Black Friday (or Thursday, whatever it's become...) because I don't want to fight the crowds at the mall and I absolutely refuse to wake up early on my day off. And of course, I began receiving Cyber Monday emails on Saturday, so I've had plenty of time to prep and research sales prior to making any purchases. These tricksters! They totally have me figured out. :)

Here are just a couple of items I purchased today...

{I love all sweater dresses. I tend to think that they flatter most body types and they look so cute with tights and boots! I picked this one up today at Old Navy for $20}

{I also tend to think that skinny jeans look funny on short, curvy girls like myself, but Old Navy has hit the nail on the head with these $19 Rockstar skinny jeans. They are jeans that have just enough stretch in them to fit all body types really well without being jeggings (yuck!). I already own one pair in black denim and couldn't resist buying 2 more, one black denim and one blue denim. I love these jeans!}

{Oh Kate, how I love you! Today, Kate Spade was having a Cyber Monday/75% off sale and I couldn't help but take advantage. I've been looking for a hipster that could also be carried like a normal handbag and the Mott Street Small Riley was perfect! I bought it in the taupe/nude color you see above, but this color sold out, so you'll only see the blue bag if you follow the link. I can't wait for it to arrive!}

Did you do any online shopping today? If so, what awesome deals did you find?
I can't wait to hear about it!

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