27 November 2012

Snow day.

It snowed today. Lovely little white flakes fell from the wee hours of the morning until about 5pm this evening. I loved waking up to snow falling and watching it outside of our windows all day. It will probably be melted by tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to continue ooing and aaahing over this freshly fallen white blanket. :)
And of course, we couldn't pass up a little family photo-op!

These pups aren't too sure what to do in all of this snow, but we think they love it!
Happy Snow Day from New Jersey!


  1. So pretty! And so jealous you got snow. All we got down here in this part of south jersey was rain!

  2. Love your sweet little family!!! Great pics!!!

  3. So jealous! We are in the 70's all week. I just want some snow!! Love your pups and those houses look so pretty all covered in snow.

  4. Look at that snow! WOW, love these pictures :) adorable!


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