27 December 2012

Hey, It's Ok Thursday.

I love this Thursday link-up and haven't participated in a while, so I'm glad to be back at it again today. After two weeks of traveling for work, a holiday, and two pups that are driving me bonkers, I think it's appropriate, ha! Happy Thursday friends. :)
Hey, It's ok...
...to be eating leftover holiday cookies from the neighbors and the food from that meat/cheese/cracker gift set your aunt and uncle sent you for Christmas as regular meals. Can't let good food go to waste!
...to not have taken down the Christmas tree and decorations yet. I mean, get real. Christmas was two days ago.
...to be on my 3rd cup of coffee at 9am. Don't judge.
...to be so behind in laundry that my husband has moved all laundry baskets into the foyer so that I cannot miss that every towl we own is dirty (yikes!).
...to continue ignoring those piles of laundry because when you work from 7am to midnight everyday, the last thing you want to think about is laundry.
...to feed the pups little dog snacks and lunch meat when their food runs out. It's freezing outside and driving to the store is such an effort...
...to love your job, even during the crazy, peak season when you're slammed with the most outrageous to-do list ever and could really use an additional 5-6 hours for things like landry and grocery shopping. Luke actually helps out a TON and I really am blessed to love what I do (but hurry up April 15th!!).
If anyone is looking for a part-time personal assistant job, I just may be looking for you! *wink*

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  1. My Christmas stuff is still up too and I don't take it down until usually the new year!!

    I am also soo far behind on laundry!! We did manage to put fresh sheets on the bed last night to add to the chaos!!


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