27 October 2013

The best kind of weekend.

I honestly can't remember the last weekend we had that included very little, if any, set plans. We might have still been in New Jersey the last time a weekend like this occurred. That is, until this weekend. And it was fabulous!

On Saturday morning, Luke and I randomly decided to go with my parents and Becca (the baby sister) to Chapel Hill, TX to check out a bull and heifer auction. Although we didn't buy anything (my dad owns ranch land, cattle, etc.), we ate a great BBQ lunch and watched some pretty intense auctioneering happen. I would be so scared to try and buy a bull or heifer at an auction! Once those auctioneers started yelling, I had no idea where the price was. I thought bulls were selling for a couple thousand dollars when they were being sold for $8k or more. Yikes! 

{On our way to the auction. Wearing my Baylor hat in support of my Bears kicking some KU butt!}

{Lunch at the auction with our Becca Boo}

Unfortunately, the rest of my Saturday was spent in bed with a pretty bad sinus pressure headache, but I just assumed this headache (which had carried over from Friday evening) was a result of too much staring at my work laptop and lack of sleep. That is, until I woke up this morning to some pretty heavy rain. I swear, I can tell when it's going to rain days out because of the way I get headaches! I'm feeling much better today and thoroughly enjoying lounging around with my extra snuggly pups, NCIS re-runs, and hazelnut coffee. Rainy Sundays, you bring out the lazy in me! The rest of today will include a nap, doing a little laundry, prepping for work this next week, and watching Scandal tonight! Does this weekend have to end??

I've been so bad at blogging the last couple of months, but this afternoon I plan on catching up! You can look forward to the following blog posts this week:

+All of my travels the last couple of months
+My first ever StitchFix review (non-sponsored; just my own, fun review!)
+Updates on The Hintons' living situation, job situation, etc. 
+And more!

Hope you have had a relaxing weekend wherever you are. :)


  1. excited to get caught up! feels like blogging is fading out fast with everyone... me even! I was so into it but I dont have much to blog about now, same old chores and hanging out with dogs. Happy to see you back! xoxoxo


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