28 October 2013

World (aka Texas and New Jersey) Traveler

{Starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise: Houston sunset, fall in New Jersey, Corpus Christi sunset on my way to the Valley, and the Mexico border in the Valley}

The last month, I've been doing a lot of traveling for both work and personal reasons. My travels began in Houston, then took me to the Rio Grande Valley, New Jersey, Waco, San Antonio, and Austin. October has been a crazy travel month! Traveling alone tends to produce some goofy selfie pics and pretty amazing karaoke sessions (oh, to be a fly inside my car...), but working in Texas also means that I can sometimes squeeze in a quick dinner with friends. Work perks!

A couple weeks back, I had to fly back up to New Jersey for a week. It was super weird being back in Jersey, especially without Luke. At times, it felt like I'd never left and at others, I felt like a complete stranger. I also had to turn in our apartment keys, which was our last permanent connection to Jersey. We are now officially no longer connected to the Garden State except for that I'll continue to travel to Jersey for work. Crazy! That week in Jersey consisted of long work days, great food (as always!), and my first grad school mid-term. Talk about an adjustment! Taking a mid-term while traveling was not the easiest thing I'd ever done, but I guess it's time to get used to this since I've got another 2.5 years of grad school to go!

Once I got home from Jersey, it was time to study for a final exam, take my test, and then head up to Waco for the second half of Baylor homecoming! I was bummed to have missed the bonfire Friday night and the parade Saturday morning, but it I wanted to have my cake and eat it to (grad school + having a social life), it was a sacrifice I had to make! I'm so glad Luke went with me, even though it was a crazy fast trip up and back. I got to see my sweet sisters/friends, watch Baylor kick some butt in football, drive around the campus that has forever stolen my heart, grab a drink from Common Grounds, eat a little Bush's Chicken, and then we headed home. Baylor, you are always worth the trip. :)

Day trips to San Antonio and Austin were on the agenda last week and I'm in Abilene this week (and then back to Jersey the following week!). I think we should start a new game called, "Where in the world is Sara Sandiego?" What do you think? ;)

So that's my world (a.k.a. TX & NJ) traveler update! On a more serious note, if you ever think about it, please keep my crazy, traveling self  in your prayers. I always covet prayers for safety and traveling mercies. Thanks!!

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