15 November 2009

My Senior Letter

Last Monday, at our weekly Tri Delta meeting, my senior letter was read.

Every year, the parents of the seniors write a "senior letter" to their daughter, talking about all of her accomplishments, how much she has grown, and how proud they are of her. Whoever's turn it is to have her senior letter read out loud during meeting each week stays seated in her chair, while the chapter all stands up to listen to the sweet letter and support their sister.

In the past, this process could take what felt like FOREVER because parents would write extremely long letters and we'd read three or four at a time. As much as we love each other, by the end the girls would get distracted because these letters would get so ridiculously long. So this year, Tri Delta has set a limit of 300 words per letter. This made it really hard for my (wordy) mother to write my senior letter, but she did a GREAT job!

Here is the letter! I love it so much, I wanted to post it on my blog:)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose pre-school teacher told her that her class was having a cattle drive to celebrate Western Week. The preschoolers got to be cows, the kindergartners got to be cowboys and brand them, and the teacher said it would be fun! The little girl didn’t think it sounded fun, because she knew that brands got hot, and she didn’t want to be burned. She spent the morning hiding behind the teacher’s skirts, determined that no one would make her participate in anything so scary again...

Dear Sara,

I can still see that little face from the cattle drive every time you conquer another goal, because she reminds me of how much God is attracted to our weakness. He is always ready to show Himself strong on our behalf, and He has done so in your life these past few years too many times to count. From your first day at Baylor, I have never doubted you were in the center of His will for your life. But I know that once in a while, that first semester, you did…just a bit. The phone calls came regularly, and so did the tears, and the second semester arrived…

The next tear-filled call I got was one that began, “Mom, I’m a Tri-Delt!” Soon you had more friends and sisters (like you really needed more sisters!) than you could count. I was invited to join you for Mother-Daughter Teas and Homecoming Breakfasts, Dad got to come for Father-Daughter Days, and most of all, we loved to see you “Sing!” When you belted out your solo in “Down the Produce Aisle”, I knew that shy, scared little girl had finally made it down the cattle chute as well…and would never be found hiding behind anyone else again!

Love you, Sara-Bear!


Thanks Momma! Love you!!

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