07 November 2009

My Last Fall Parties!

Today was my last Fall Parties as a senior! Falls parties is a chance for all of the freshman girls that will go through formal recruitment in the spring to meet the girls from each of the Panhellenic sorority chapters at Baylor. Fall Parties started early Friday evening and ended today (Saturday) at 2 p.m. Today was special because it was the first official part of recruitment that my baby sister, Claire, got to be a part of. It was so good to see her in our chapter room and she had a great time getting to meet girls from all of the different sororities. After Fall Parties was over, our group of friends kept with tradition and had lunch at Chilis. Every year our group goes there for lunch after Fall Parties. This was especially a must this year, since we're seniors. Overall, it was a great last Fall Parties!

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