15 May 2010

It's about that time

{I'm a Baylor University alum!}

Today, I graduated from college. After 4 years, my undergraduate career at Baylor University is over. It's a bitter sweet feeling to have graduated; so much, in fact, that I'm still processing it all.

On one hand, I'm sad. As I was driving around Waco today with Luke, I was thinking about how big Waco used to feel to me. Being a small town kid, I never thought I'd get the hang of driving around Waco or remember where everything was. Well, it only took me about a week to find Target, the mall, and my favorite shopping center, the Central Texas Marketplace (of course!). Since I spent this last semester in New York, it was also super sad to see all of my Baylor friends for just a day or two after a semester away from them, only to turn around and leave. I can't believe I have moved out of the house I've lived in the last two years. Although two years doesn't sound that long, the girls I lived with have become like real sisters to me. We know each others quirks, when to feed each other as we become grouchy, and we know when to set studying aside because pouring our hearts out to each other all night long trumps any test that used to feel important. My years at Baylor have been and still are invaluable to me. I will cherish them forever.

On the other hand, it's time. Have you ever just been in a certain place in your life, on the brink of taking a step towards the next chapter and it just felt right? Well, that's where I am. If someone told me today that I was supposed to attend class on Monday or live in my beautiful house one more year, I would say no. I'm ready to move into the next chapter. I'm ready to take the next step towards my professional career, find a new apartment, and marry Luke. It's time for undergrad to be over. Graduate school, you ask? Well, maybe:) But not right now. I may do more school in a couple of years, but for now I'm very content right where I am. Where is this, you may ask. Well, it's an interesting little place to be. It's a place of unknown, a little fear and anxiety, and excitement. A place of new and different and change. It's a place of endless possibility, with a brand new world in front of it. I'm ready for a new city, a new "routine," and somewhat of a new life. I know, I know. "Silly little girl. You don't know what you're leaving behind. You have no idea how tough it is to be a grown up." Well, you know what I have to say to you Mr. or Ms. Cynical? I'm excited! I'm excited for the future and for what it holds. And I know the One who holds my future. Trusting my life to God makes my future even that much more thrilling. Bring it on big bad world! I've always been a step ahead of you anyway:)

{Friends since freshman year. Love you Christine!}

{Loved sharing my special day with him.}

{Dad took his wallet back today...sad day.}


  1. Congrats, Sarah! Love the new blog design!! :-) Can't wait to hear what you're up to next!


  2. My sister gave me that same alumni t-shirt for graduation! how fun!

  3. Congratulations Sara! I'm excited for you-because it IS an exciting time. Enjoy every minute :)


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