06 February 2012

Oh Monday...

Alrighty, it is time for this little lady to vent for a bit. Life has been a little harder than the norm lately. Due to circumstances outside of my control, work has become extremely draining; more than average. Hopefully this will wrap up soon, but by the end of my (10-hour) days for about the last 2 months, my body, brain, and heart have been worn out. Luke and I also have a lot on our plates. We are in the process of making big decisons. Learning what it is truly like to place our lives and decisions in the hands of God as a married couple is not always easy; especially when there are two stubborn heads involved. I'm not about to start talking as if Luke and I are the perfect married Christian couple, because we aren't. There can be learning curves when it gets down to the nitty gritty and I'm feelin' it. And money? I don't even want to talk about money. I actually despise it right now and the way having it/not having it affects lives. Can't everything (like medical treatment and college) be free?? Wishful thinking... Sometimes life just bears down on you, ya know? Can anyone relate to me right now?
Ok, I'm done with the venting. Life is good. God is good. I am very blessed, just a little worn out. But His strength is made perfect in our weakness, Amen? :)
1) Today, I begin training for my first ever half marathon. I'm sort of freaking out. The thing is, I know myself. I love to eat salty foods and lounge on the couch. My "diets" never last longer than a week. I always have the best of intentions, but end up letting myself down. Not this time! On April 26th, I'm flying to Nashville to run in the Rock & Roll Half Marathon (on the 28th) with a sorority sister from college. I haven't actually registered for the race or bought my plane tickets, but these are on my list of to-dos in the next two weeks (I can't help the this past Friday's paycheck went almost entirely to bills, blah!). I am hoping that spending this money will help me stick to my training goals even more. Besides staying hydrated and eating healthier, here is my half-marathon beginner's training program:

You can also find this training plan here. Don't you just love a training schedule that has you resting on the first day? I'm already getting into it. ;) 

2) This past weekend, Luke's aunt got married. I think it is amazing the way God can bring two people together, even later in life. We are so excited for Sandy and her new husband, Arnold! Plus, Aubrey was the wedding coordinator. It was so fun to see her rockin' it out at work! We had a really great time hanging out with friends and family.

 {Hinton love.}

{Friend love.}

3) I watched a ton of my friends prticipating in January Photo-A-Day, but didn't actually participate. So this month, I've decided to try it out. Are you joining in? Are you on Instagram? If so, let's follow each other! My handle is saramhinton. Tonight's photo is #dinner. Keep an eye out for my picture!

4) Tonight is The Bachelor, The Voice, and the premiere of Smash. Oh.my.goodness! So much great TV! I know, I know...the Bachelor isn't really great TV, but I cannot help it. My name is Sara and I watch Ben make out with multiple women every Monday night. You know you do too. And for the love of all small-chested women everywhere, could someone PUH-LEESE tell Christina Aguilera to tuck those things into her dress better? Or wear one that fits?? Now Smash, that is going to be a great show. I'm a girl with a heart for Broadway, so I just know that I'm going to love it! What are you watching tonight?

6) And last, but not least, I must give a shout out to my baby sisters and my friends, Justin and Michelle, who are all at the Kelly Clarkson concert in San Antonio tonight. Please tell Kelly I said hello and that I loved her National Anthem at the Super Bowl last night! "Miss Independent...Miss Self-Sufficient...Miss Keep-Yo-Distance!!!"

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  1. So I just discovered your blog and I love it! (and am your newest follower!) I can totally relate to your list today...I'd love to start training for a half marathon and you know I'll be watching the Bachelor tonight! :)

  2. I am so stoked for SMASH, too! I just started following your blog and I feel like I can def relate to some of the life issues you are dealing with. And you are SO right, putting it all in God's hands can be difficult but so right in the end. Good Luck with it all :)

  3. you looked beautiful at the wedding Sara! :)

  4. money does suck! it was definitely an issue my husband and I argued about a lot when we first got married - not that we don't anymore - it's just gotten easier. Yeah for starting the marathon training!! I've done a few half and full marathons and the training is tough but it is SO worth it! It can be a good mental break from everything else too. good luck!

  5. money does stink! and I'm glad you posted that schedule. a friend and I started running about 5 weeks back and worked our way up to a 5k {we're running feb 19} and my next goal is a half marathon. so this was just what I needed!

  6. The bachelor (Ha!). I have not heard of smash so I'm gonna have to check it out :)

  7. I hope things are going better- I've been there and it's so hard to let go and let God be in control.

  8. Hello, following from the blog hope!
    Love the blog (:
    Would you care to follow back?


  9. Hey Girl -- Totally feel the long days! I know God is growing us somewhere deep down through it!! AND I'm proud of your half marathon training! I PROMISE it gets easier each day. Once you get over the 7 mile hump ...you can run forever! (ok not forever, but close ;) Good Luck!!

  10. Okay one. I like your purple dress up there! and two. You are so right about Christina. She needs to push those things on in. haha. This is my first season watching the voice I like it!


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