07 February 2012

Sometimes & Always

This is my first time to participate in Mackey Madness' "Sometime and Always" link-up and I'm pretty excited about it! Make sure you link up too!

1) Sometimes I stumble across amazing sales at my favorite stores. (Ex: Charming Charlie had a TON of jewelry on sale last week and on top of the sale, all of these items were buy 1, get 1 free!)

And when I do, I always take advantage of my impeccable timing! :)

{Bought these cuties for $4}

{Got these cute hoops for free!}

2) Sometimes I get on Southwest.com and look around for cheap flights to my favorite cities.

When I do this, I always awaken the travel bug within me and start planning my next trip!

{NYC, I miss you!}

3) Sometimes I start thinking about the tattoo I've wanted since I was 16 years old.

But I always end up becoming frustrated and don't follow through because I'm nervous I won't like it or the tattoo artist will mess up!

{I love the placement of this one! Via.}

4) Sometimes I listen to the Praise & Worship Radio on Pandora for the entire hour I drive to work in the morning.

This always starts me off on the right foot and lifts any burdens I seem to be carrying. :)


  1. I love this!!! I wish I would have known about Charming Charlies BOGO...but maybe it was a good idea I didn't hehe. Also, I have a SWA credit card so I am constantly looking at cheeap flights I can use points for! we are going to san fran next week

  2. I love your new earrings!! And I'm the exact same way about looking for cheap flights on Southwest! :o)

    For at LEAST 10 years I've wanted the exact same tattoo, but I'm still too chicken to get it. And not because of the needles. I'm terrified that in 10 more years, I'll hate it and wish I hadn't got it!

  3. Those are some really cute earrings that you got and a great deal on them as well. As for the tattoo thing, if you ever decide to follow through with it go to Primal Tattoo in Victoria and ask for Stephen Janowski. He is GREAT and has done all of mine and Chad's dragon (you can see that on FB under mobile uploads). He has a super light hand and is really really good. Just a thought, if you ever decide to do it. BTW...I love keeping up with you through your blog!

  4. Love that tattoo! Oh and I can totally relate to how amazing it is to start off a day with some Phil Wickham instead of Snoop Dog!

  5. Girl you are so right! I listen to K Love on the way to work everyday and it's a great start to my morning! And you lucked up on those earrings. I like!


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