14 April 2012


What's been going on lately around here? Oh let me tell you, there is always something going on with The Hintons! :)

Luke has been working his tail off, prepping for summer. For those of you that don't know, Luke works at Camp Zephyr, a Christian camp/retreat facility. They predominantly host summer camps for kids/youth in the summer and retreats for adults the rest of the year. The hubs has been spending his weekends working with retreat groups and interviewing summer staff for this upcoming summer. 30+ college kids come out each summer to help organize and run program camps for hundreds of kiddos and Zephyr is known for it's amazing summer staff. I'm pretty proud of Luke and the role he plays in choosing/coaching such an amazing staff!

{You know Luke's busy when his desk has an over-abundance of sticky note reminders, ha!}

What have I been up to? Well, working (what else is new?). I've also been trying to keep up with my half-marathon training. I'm not going to lie; it's been tough. I was super motivated the first 8 weeks, but I think I know I'm getting burnt out. I've tried to do a little cross-training to break up the runs, but with my crazy schedule, I've started to slack a little. NO GOOD! The race is 2 weeks from today and I'm just hoping I can hang in there long enough to make it through. This being my first half, I'm not stressing about time. I just want to finish. Please say a prayer for me! I need motivation!!

{These feet are running a half in 2 weeks...yikes!}

Oh, and we bought a new car! It's a long story, but here's the short and sweet: we needed to get out of a sticky situation. You see, about 13 months ago, I leased a 2011 Toyota Rav4. I loved it! But then Luke and I got married and moved out to the camp. This was no bueno for a girl in a 15K miles-per-year lease! We were pretty much shooting ourselves in the foot to let me continue putting an outrageous amount of miles on a leased vehicle. So, we traded it in at the same place we got the Rav4 and bought a 2012 Toyota Camry. They loved that we came back to them to fix this situation and gave us a great deal on the new car. Navigation, touch screen, blue tooth, sunroof, etc...I'm set! Who'd like to go for a ride? :)

{The new ride}

And this is what we've been up to! That and just enjoying this windy weekend. It's time for me to go run a 9-miler (yuck!). Wish me luck! :)


  1. Love the new car, and good luck with the half!


  2. all those post its are really funny. : ) and your marathon is so close! I'm excited to hear how it goes - you will do awesome! have a good rest of the weekend - good luck with the 9 miles!!

  3. Super cute blog !!

    I have a May photo a day challenge coming up!! I hope you join in the fun!!!!


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