08 June 2012

Friday's Letters!

I love this link-up and I haven't participated lately, so I'm excited to write a few letters today! Make sure you link up and join the fun!!

Dear Luke,
You've been working your tail off this week and I'm so proud of you! I love watching you run around camp in the evenings with your earpiece in. So official! You're such an amazing leader and your staff love you. Being your wife and being able to serve the Lord alongside you at Zephyr is the greatest blessing. I just want to let you know that I'm you #1 fan and I'm ready to buy you more water bottles and Red Bull when you're running low (which I think is NOW!). Love you dude.

Dear Dad,
It was your birthday this past week! I'm so sorry that it didn't work out for us to go to lunch, but I'm excited to celebrate with you on Saturday night. I hope you've had a good week and have been able to hang out with the cows out at the ranch (since this is your favorite place to chill). See you soon!

Dear B&B,
You dogs are a mess! This week, daddy gave you baths and it's a good thing since you were getting pretty stinky! You don't know this yet, but Miss Nancy is grooming you both tomorrow morning and I'm so excited!! You two always look so cute with fresh haircuts (will post pics). This week, I bought you guys a 16lb bag of dog food because the 4lb bags just don't last long enough. How is it that two dogs under 12 lbs eat so much food? You little fatties! Thanks for always cuddling with me in the morning and making it difficult for this doggy momma to get out of bed. :)

Dear Zephyr,
You are a beautiful place. Last night, the kids of Youth Camp 1 sang praises to the Lord in your tabernacle and I know this blessed God's heart. You are a place of joy and release. You are a camp where people can come and lay their burden's at the foot of the cross, but also swim in a pond, eat snow cones, and build relationships. Luke and I are blessed to be able to call you home.

Dear Friday,
I am SO glad you are here. Thanks for being a constant in my crazy life!

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  1. What cute letters. I feel the same way every Friday (who doesn't)!


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