01 June 2012

Welcome June.


June is my absolute favorite month of the year!
It's the month I met Luke almost seven years ago.
It's the month Luke and I were married almost one year ago.
It means summertime, lemonade, bikinis, and BBQs.

This month we get to celebrate both my dad's birthday and Father's Day.
We will also dedicate Summer 2012 at Camp Zephyr to the Lord.
And Luke and I will go on a mini-vacation.

There is just something about June that makes my heart full. :)


Tomorrow morning, Luke and I are taking pictures with the most talented Jade of Journey Tree Studio. This lovely lady took our engagement and wedding pictures; now, she's taking one year pics.
I'm so excited to show you a few!

(engagement pics, winter 2009)


  1. how fun!! my husband and I have yet to have professional pics done (besides our wedding). I love june too!! have a great weekend!

  2. eeeh! cant wait to see your pictures!

  3. I just have this feeling June's going to be a great month :) And happy anniversary!

  4. Happy June! I can't wait to see this pictures. Since I'm getting married next June, I have a feeling it will be my favorite month too!


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