30 July 2012

Two of my favorite things: Ryan Lochte and online shopping!

Ok y'all, it's confession time. Who else did nothing this weekend but watch the Olympics? Because that is seriously almost all I did! Luke and I helped mom and dad move into their new house on Saturday (Olympics on the TV), but Sunday was dedicated solely to being lazy and the Olympics. Sorry I'm not sorry! I just cannot get enough of Ryan Lochte (don't tell Luke, ha!).

{I mean, seriously?? Check out those baby blues!}

In other news, I have recently made a couple of online purchases that I'm really excited about! The first one is a book that I've heard so many great things about. It is called Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat. Yes, that would be me! I've heard this recipe book has some amazing recipes, including one for paleo mayo and paleo dressings. This girl is pumped!

My second online purchase, which I am equally, if not more, excited about is from ASOS. I needed a black house party dress for my college roommate, Kristin's, wedding in late August, so I headed over to ASOS's mid-season dress sale online. Girls--if you haven't checked out this sale, you must do so immediately!! Great prices, plus free shipping to anywhere. Yup, go check it out. I bought this little number:

50% off baby! Plus, what I love most about ASOS is that you can watch a short video of a model walking down a runway in each piece of clothing so that you can see the way it fits and moves when you walk. Seriously, a girl couldn't ask for more! 

I hope you all had a great weekend watching Ryan the Olympics. :) What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? Did you catch the women's gymnastics qualifying round last night? I just think Gabby Douglas is the cutest thing ever!


  1. I've gotten a little too obsessed with Ryan.. umm the Olympics. I've never really watched until this year and now I cannot take my eyes off the television!

  2. LOVE that dress! and of course some Ryan ;)

  3. I love that dress! And I have to admit, I'm a Michael Phelps fan. Lochte is gorgeous, but for some reason I feel like he knows it, you know?

  4. Girl, I'm watching the Olympics right now, he is way too hot for words. Plus he seems really sweet in interviews, not super cocky. I could watch him all.day.long. I think that dress is beautiful and definitely something you could wear any season for multiple different occasions! Some different belts/sashes would be adorable to change it up every once in a while too!

  5. i am in love love love with lochte!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  6. We are so silly - we actually RECORD the Olympics if we aren't around to watch them. :)

    I have heard so many people talk about being on the paleo diet lately. I am going to have to do more research and see what it's all about!!

    Cute dress!!!

  7. Love that dress! It's so pretty. I love that it's one shoulder and the sash is really cute! I'll have to go check it out!



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