27 October 2012


If someone would have told me a month back that three weeks after I moved to New Jersey, a hurricane would be headed directly towards my new home, I would have laughed. I mean, come on! I'm from South Texas. We have droughts, we beg for rain, hurricanes tempt us by approaching, and then they either turn up towards Louisiana or down towards Mexico. We laugh at hurricanes in Texas.
So when my father called me this morning at 10:30am and told me I had 1 hour to pack and hit the road for the Newark airport, I knew he meant business. As of right now, the govenor of NJ has called a state of emergency and has asked people to evacuate/move inland as quickly as possible. Apparently dams are being opened and we have been told to expect 7-10 days of no electricity. Hurricane Sandy is about to pound the east coast with her crazy 80mph winds and heavy, flooding rain. Whaaat?? This Texas girl is SO not used to this!
But no worries, I'm home. I made it back to Texas early this evening and I'm hanging out at the parents' casa tonight. I CANNOT WAIT to see my husband tomorrow! I guess God thought that 3 weeks of separation was long enough for us Hintons. :) 
Please send prayers up to the east coast for my friends, co-workers, and everyone else as they prep for Frankenstorm (this is what they are calling the storm since it's almost Halloween, ha!).


  1. how sweet of your dad to put you on a plane home!! glad to know you'll be safe from the storm!

  2. Nice of your dad to get you home!! Hopefully the storm ends up not being as bad as they say it'll be!! 7-10 days without electricity may be TORTURE!!

  3. Glad you cpuld get out. With hubby and I both military we are under orders to ride it out and clean up the mess afterwards!


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