13 October 2012

My first lessons learned in NJ.

1) You cannot turn left at a traffic light, nor can you make a U-turn. You must slightly exit to the right and follow a "jughandle" to redirect yourself in the appropriate direction. Please see a better explanation here. Apparently, the people up here think this is genius and way safer than making a left turn at a traffic light. I think this is dumb, but whatever. I don't write the traffic laws in New Jersey.

2) People in New Jersey are surprisingly nice. They smile when they talk to you, hold doors open, give you directions, and show you their apartments when leasing offices aren't open on Saturdays. Yes, this happened. Yes, I was safe. Yes, I took pictures of some random lady's apartment with my iPhone to text my mom. You've got to do what You've got to do. 

3) Texas and New Jersey have many of the same store and restaurant chains. This is more comforting than you know! There are a ton of authentic stores and restaurants here as well, but sometimes it's nice to see a TGI Fridays and Kohls. 

4) I miss these three more than anyone could possibly understand. I cannot believe Luke and I did long distance for 5 years. That was nuts! It's been one week and I'm going crazy over here. New Jersey won't really be home until they get here...


  1. awwww i just got back to pa after visiting my family in jersey this week, and it was so nice to be able to make left turns again! i never liked jughandles!

  2. enjoy NJ! :) a new place always brings a new experience!

  3. lol the left hand turn thing drove the husband and I crazy when we got here!

  4. crazy traffic laws! hope the time flies and y'all are back together again!

  5. I'm a Jersey girl born and raised! I think we're the only state with jughandles but it's all I've ever known :)

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