10 May 2013

Fab Friday. :)

Just a few fabulous things going on over here...

1) The furbabies got their summer haircuts this morning and they are looking and feeling great. I mean, look at those smiles! They are now ready to make a statement at the dog park this weekend. :)

2) I rediscovered my iPad last night! Random, I know. But I hadn't used it in a long time, which means that the battery had died and I forgot that I had any reason to use it. After charging it last night for the first time in a couple months, I was so pumped to download a new book to read for my flight to Florida on Monday. It's the gift that keeps on giving, I guess!

3) Loft is having a 40% off all full-priced dresses, cardigans, jewelry, etc. sale for Mother's Day, plus an additional 40% off already marked down items. I stopped by after dropping the dogs off at their grooming appointment to kill some time and found a couple of really cute things to add to my summer work wardrobe. I was thrilled to add some skirts, sleeveless tops, and COLOR to my closet! In honor of good weather finally sticking around for a while, I may even pack up some winter clothes this weekend to make room for my new clothes. 

4) My parents sent Luke and I some gift cards to Olive Garden last week and we're using them tonight! Bring on the salad, breadsticks, and wine!!

5) I'm headed to sunny, fabulous Florida on Monday! This trip might be for work, but my awesome team plans on some time at the beach and a few tropical drinks with little umbrellas (yesss!). It's been a loooong, busy season for us and it's the first time we'll all be in one place since November. I'm pretty excited to catch up with everyone and even possibly get some color on these white legs of mine!

Have a nice weekend. :)

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  1. I used to be that girl who left her cell in her car. But I use my iPad quite frequently. I even sleep with it at night and say goodnight to Siri rather pathetically.

    Take photos! I miss Florida! (The touristy aspect, not the idea of living there.)


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