04 May 2013


As you can tell from my last two posts here and here, two of my best friends came to visit Luke and I last weekend. I still have a third post to write that wraps up the awesome weekend we had, but it can wait until tomorrow or next week. For now, here's a little update on what's been going on around here lately...

We are loving spring in the northeast! Growing up in South Texas, Luke and I have never experienced a real spring, trees that bloom like it's going out of style, or tulip and daffodil-line streets. If you walk through the neighborhood behind our apartment building (where we like to walk the pups) it smells like dogwood and cherry blossoms. This is my favorite season up here so far!

{He gets so shy when people want to celebrate him. Cutie!}

On Thursday, Luke turned 27. Such an old man! ;) Luke isn't big on celebrating birthdays (don't ask me why!), so we kept it low-key. Everyone in the office got lunch from Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate and then after lunch, while we went back to work, one of Luke's employees snuck out and picked up a chocolate molten cake and vanilla ice cream from Applebees. We surprised Luke with his little cake and candles and sang happy birthday to him. This was even more celebrating than I imagined, but Luke was a champ. I'm so glad he works with and for such great people!

When we got home from work that day, there was a package waiting for us from my mom with some birthday goodies. She'd already sent us both something for our birthdays back in March (I'm in March, Luke is May), but I had needed something from home. Instead of sending it by itself, she added a few more birthday presents for me and Luke. Luke got some shirts and a new man-loofa w/body wash and I got a scarf and new sandal wedges! Both the wedges and scarf are perfect for spring. Thanks mom!!!

On Friday, we took the dogs to their first-ever dog park. I know, bad puppy parents, right? But until we moved to the northeast, our dogs had yards to play in and dog parks just aren't as big where we're from. We were a little nervous about how they'd react to the other dogs, but they LOVED it! I have to say, our dogs were pretty popular; every dog wanted to play with them. :) After they'd had enough time in the small dog area, we took them over to the large dog area. No, they are not large and Brooklyn wasn't the biggest fan, but Bentley went crazy! He runs really fast and the little dogs just couldn't keep up with him, but in the large dog area, he was out-running the labs and German shepherds! I was also surprised that he wasn't scared of them chasing him. We met some really nice people and had a great first experience. We'll definitely be going back!


  1. Goodness that tree is beautiful!

    1. I know, right? I can't get enough of them!

  2. Oh my gosh they are going to love the dog parks! We have so many here and I was scared too but the boys love it!


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