30 April 2013

Aubrey and Sarah Visit NJ/NYC: Part 2

On Saturday, A, S, & I caught the 9:23am train into the city from Morristown. I knew I wanted to take the train at least once into NYC while they were here so that the girls could experience it. Plus, it's always nice to be car-free in NYC and you could feed a third-world country with how much it costs! ;)

{On the train; Beware: there are quite a few 3-headed pics in this post, ha!}

This was Aubrey and Sarah's first time in the city and it was so entertaining to see their first reactions to  the city as we took the escalator up out of Penn Station! We grabbed some Starbucks and headed straight for Times Square. 

After the girls got the chance to soak up the craziness that is Times Square, we headed over to the the Gershwin Theatre. We put our names in the lottery drawing for Wicked tickets, but did not get drawn (boo). After my mom heard this, she did the sweetest thing and bought us Wicked tickets for Sunday afternoon. Score! From the theatre, we took off on our day-long adventure of seeing as much as possible in the city. 

{Spring in NYC is lovely}

We then walked up the Central Park. Side note: we did a TON of walking on Saturday. Could we have taken the subway more? Sure. But it was way more fun to walk and see so much, plus I didn't have to worry about getting my Saturday run in. Pretty sure I burned 1,000 calories just walking around NYC!

Experiencing Central Park in the spring might have been my favorite part of Saturday. As many times as I've visited and even lived in NYC, I've never done either of these while the sun was out the way it was on Saturday. There were people and dogs EVERYWHERE! Running, laying out, playing with footballs/frisbees/soccer balls/etc. I even took a quick video and sent it to Luke. If you can't find me in June, it's probably because I'm at Central Park! We took tons of pictures (which I've limited for you, you're welcome) in all of the beautiful trees and ate street tacos for lunch.

We then traveled down to Soho to visit Kate Spade NYC, Georgetown Cupcake Soho, and Purl (where I'm pretty sure Aubrey was in heaven!). And from Soho, we continued south into Brooklyn so that I could show the girls my old stomping grounds, Brooklyn Heights. We walked Montague St. and ended up down at the Promenade for another photo shoot.

{Pic stolen from Sarah}

We then decided to walk the infamous Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan. At this point, you can imagine that my feet were about to fall off. But of course, walking the Brooklyn Bridge is always worth it!

While in lower Manhattan, we stopped by the World Trade Center Memorial. I had never been to the new memorial and it was definitely a humbling experience. I'm forever grateful for those that gave their lives to fight for and protect America.

We ended our day with dinner in Hell's Kitchen and a quick trip up to the top of the Empire State Building. I'm a firm believer in people visiting the ESB at night vs. during the day. The view is absolutely breathtaking!

{Pic stolen from Sarah}

See? I was not lying! We did a TON on Saturday! But I must say, I was pretty proud of us. We took the train back to Morristown and crashed. It was good that we did though, because we still had another full day in the city to conquer. Sunday's adventures up next... :)


  1. Wow! You sure did a lot in one day! I am dying to visit New York!

    1. You should!! It's an amazing place. :)

  2. Just started reading your blog (as I'm finally going to start blogging again after a long hiatus off). Oh Morristown! That's where I'm from. I've definitely taken NJ Transit Midtown Direct into the city a gazillion times. Hope you're enjoying NJ and NY. :)

    1. Thanks Mecca! Where do you live now?

  3. So fun!! Makes my heart happy to see you on the Brooklyn Bridge :)


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