29 April 2013

Aubrey and Sarah Visit NJ/NYC: Part 1

This past weekend, two of my best friends in the entire world flew up to New Jersey to visit and go into the city. Their visit was the first long visit by friends that Luke and I have had since we moved up here. I cannot even begin to explain how good this was for my heart! Not only had I missed these two like crazy, but they brought with them a little bit of Texas, familiarity, and comfort that I hadn't felt in a while. True friends will do that to you. :)

The girls flew in on Friday and I picked them up at the Newark airport. It could not have been a more gorgeous day (or weekend, as you'll be able to see from my pics)! After I squeezed their necks half to death, we grabbed their luggage and headed back to Morristown so that I could show them where I live and they could chill after an already long day of traveling.

After a quick break and showing the girls our apartment, we all piled into the car and went looking for lunch. Of course, we ended up at Tito's, one of mine and Luke's favorite places to eat in Morristown. The girl's liked it too!

After lunch, we went back to our apartment so Aubrey and Sarah could take a quick nap. They had, after all, been up since about 5am and lost an hour in the switching of time zones. We lounged on the couch and caught up on Revenge and SVU, just like old times. This was exactly what I'd been looking forward to!

After naps, us three girls left Luke and the pups at home to go walk around Morristown. I wanted to show my friends our cute little town since I knew we'd spend a majority of Saturday and Sunday in NYC.

{Walking around downtown Motown; pic stolen from Sarah}

{Isn't Motown so pretty in the spring?! pic stolen from Sarah}

{Pic stolen from Sarah}

{Pic stolen from Sarah}

We walked around the Morristown Green, enjoyed the perfect weather, and had our first-ever experience with bubble tea. It was a little interesting and probably not something I'll drink on a regular basis (creamy flavored tea with brown tapioca bubbles--weird), but it was fun to try something different!

That night, the girls ordered pizza and Luke and I ordered Chinese. Got to love delivery! Knowing that we had a long two days in NYC ahead of us, we wanted to fuel up and get plenty of rest. 

Up next, Aubrey and Sarah's first day in NYC!

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