05 April 2013


1) These fluffballs need a haircut!
2) Last Saturday, I went into the city to have brunch with two of my friends in the city.
3) That same Saturday, I strolled through SoHo to enjoy the lovely spring flowers...
4) ...and some coffee.
5) On Tuesday, I went back into the city to watch the Baylor Men's Basketball team play in the NIT semi-finals. They ended up winning the NIT Championship on Thursday. Sic 'Em Bears!!
6) Picked up another BU shirt. I'm a proud alum, what can I say?
7) Walked past the Empire State Building on my way back to the train.
8) Now Bentley won't get off my new shirt. We know where his loyalty lies.
9) A little sunshine on my Friday afternoon run. Can't wait for some great weather this weekend!

Sorry I've been a little MIA on the blog this week. There are 10 days left in the tax season and we're in a mad race for the finish. Hurry up April 15th! 

Have a lovely weekend. :)

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