20 April 2013

Spring Basics...and feeding my online shopping addiction!

As much as I love spring, I'm discovering that I'm not very good at it, ha! I've lived almost all of my life in a part of Texas that was practically summer 90% of the year, so I've never really had to adjust my wardrobe to 4 distinct seasons. I've been a little frustrated the last couple of weeks because I don't feel like I have anything to wear (Luke would beg to differ, I'm sure!). I've been wanting to shop for some new spring clothes, but I also wanted to be particular on how much I spent because it's still only in the 60s outside (and I automatically lean towards summer clothing).

After a little looking last week, here's what I landed on:

{Basic, layering vintage-style tees from Old Navy. On sale for $7 each!}

{Old Navy's cut-off shorts, 15% off!}

{ON again. I can't wait to pair a jean jacket with this simple, jersey tank dress!}

{I actually let these sandals go the last time I visited the Piperlime store in SoHo. But I haven't been able to get them out of my head, which always means I must need them! Plus, Piperlime offers free shipping and free returns. They were my one splurge. :) via}

{I picked this little guy up from GroopDealz for $5 y'all!! via}

{I bought the mint one for $7, again from GroopDealz}

I've officially hidden my wallet from myself so that I'm not tempted to spend more. There are some really adorable spring/summer clothes out there! But as much as I'd love to line my closet with new dresses, the ones I want just aren't necessary yet. But by June, you better believe I'll be living in them!

What are the spring/summer basics you just can't live without?  

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