18 April 2013


There is really no other word to describe what my heart is feeling right now. My heart is breaking for Boston, MA and for West, TX, two places close to my heart. 

I am a runner. In fact, the first anniversary of my first half marathon is in a few days. There is a pretty good chance that I will never run a full marathon, but that does not matter. Once a runner, always a runner. And on Monday, a terrorist attack not only rocked the city of Boston, it rocked the running community as well. This hit so close to home. For runners, races like the Boston Marathon are the ultimate success. Family and friends come out to support. People from all over the U.S. and scores of countries fly in to run. And all of these runners share the joy of training, feeling those few jitters before the race begins, being motivated by the cheers of those watching, and feeling the most incredible sense of pride and accomplishment as they cross finish line. The coward that set off those bombs, knowing that he/she would hurt so many people in one place, attacked our country in a way I never thought a terrorist attack could, at an event that is supposed to bring joy, not sorrow. Will we stop running? Absolutely not. Will we find this coward and will justice be served? Yes. But my heart is still so broken for those affected by this horrific terrorist attack and angry that someone would try to hurt something so precious to me and runners everywhere. Last night, I ran for Boston.

West, TX is a small, Czech town just north of Waco, TX. Being a Baylor alum, I've spent many a night driving to West's Czech Stop to buy kolaches for a late-night studying break with friends. Luke and I stayed in West, TX at a little Czech hotel for our first Baylor Homecoming as a married couple. West is well-known and loved by all Baylor students and might as well be connected to Waco. But in addition to this, I am Czech. I grew up in a small, predominately Czech town so similar to West, it's crazy. To think of something like this happening in my home town shakes me to the core. In fact, it might as well have, with how close to my heart West, TX is. Hundreds of people are currently standing in line to give blood, hundreds of others are gathering food and supplies for those that have lost everything, hospitals in Waco and surrounding areas are caring for hundreds of injured people, and first responders are still searching for those that are unaccounted for. I'm so proud of the Baylor community for the way they are responding to this terrible tragedy. Giving blood, donating food/clothing/time, and gathering to pray. My heart is in West, TX today.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

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  1. Awesome! I found you on For Lauren and Lauren's blog. Glad I did. I just started running. I ran a 5k, 10k and am now training for a half marathon. It's like you said, once a runner, always a runner. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I loved this post!


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